Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#Egyelections : Egyptian Expats Vote “Round 1”

And Presidential Elections Committee “PEC” has declared the results of the presidential elections of the Egyptian expats in 165 countries around the globe tonight except Saudi Arabia.

The presidential campaigns of Abu El Fotouh and Khaled Ali have presented petitions to PEC after refusing complains and reports about possible election fraud in favor of MB’s Mohamed Morsi. There are reports that MB members bought and bribed poor Egyptian expats from workers to get their vote for Morsi.

Already from what I understood the results of the Mail vote have been cancelled.

I have received some of the reports indeed especially concerning the Mail vote.

Now here are the results of the elections in 166 countries around the globe organized in a fine table by our dear Hany Ramsy whom I do not know what I can do without his help , may God bless him for real.

According to the data and numbers announced the lucky ones in this round are : Mohmaed Morsi “107,106 votes including Saudi Arabia” , Abu El Fotouh “82,397 votes”, Hamdeen Sabbahi “46,370 votes” , Amr Moussa “40,318 votes and Ahmed Shafik got “ 22,787 votes”.

Morsi got lots of votes in Gulf without doubt especially in Saudi Arabia where the number of voters is equal to the rest of the Egyptian expat voters around the globe. Abu El Fotouh and Morsi are leading the elections abroad as well Hamdeen Sabbahi.

Wait for in depth early morning analysis , it is 24 hours before our real presidential elections ya People.


  1. Why are the candidates all kooks? It's not just Sabbahi. Abu El Fotouh is a 9/11 "truther" who has been endorsed by al-Gama’a al-Islamiya, whom the State Department designates a terrorist organization. He's reported to be leading in the polls.

  2. Meanwhile, there's more bad Arab Spring news. The Arab world's greatest cultural contribution to the performing arts is under attack. Egypt's vice police shut down TV station ElTet. Get it on YouTube while you still can. EtTet's YouTube belly dancing channel


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