Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#Palhunger : The biggest hunger strike in the Arab world

There is something big happening on today in the Middle East as 3500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons including Egyptian and Arab prisoners are on their 29th day of their hunger strike that led by prisoners Bilal Thayb and Thaer Halahleh who entered their 79th day of their open hunger strike today.
Thaer Halahleh and Bilal Thayb
The movement of Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike started with Khader Adnan who started a new phase of Palestinian resistance regardless of what you think.
The hunger strike of Palestinian Prisoners have taken the Egyptian and Arab social media by storm since early morning when users on Facebook and Twitter changed their avatars and profile photos to that iconic brown avatar made by Hafez Omar.
The famous original avatar 
Officially from several hours ago Egyptian , Palestinian and Israeli governments announced that the Egyptian intelligence managed to find a reach for a deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians according to news agencies and official spokespersons from Palestine and Israel.
The GIS ‘Egyptian intelligence’ issued an official statement saying that it led negotiations since May 9th with the Palestinians and Israelis and that the Israeli party agreed on the Palestinian prisoners’ terms like ending their administrative imprisonment, sole confinement and allowing their families to visit them.
Here is Ofir Gendelman’s statement about the deal in the Arabic.
On the other hand the “@PalHunger” twitter denied the news that hunger strike was ended adding that any statement regarding the status of the hunger strike should come from The hunger strike leadership committee”.

Updated : 

Tonight in Ramallah
by Joseph Dana
Thaer Halaheleh called his family tonight and told them that he ended his hunger strike as he will be released next June 5th,2012 insh Allah.

Bilal Thayeb also spoke with his family and told them that he will be released next August 17, 2012 insh Allah.

Of course both young men insist on seeing documents with their release in order to end their strike
It is unclear if the rest of the prisoners will continue in their strike or not. Israeli journalist Joseph Dana says on his twitter account that the streets of Ramallah were packed and there was that anger in the air predicting of violent Nakba Day protests.
According to the twitter account the strike is on still despite the pressure practiced by the Egyptian intelligence to end it and that tomorrow there will be a general strike all over Palestine.
There are Egyptian prisoners in Israel who also are on hunger strike demanding their release.
Back to the avatar that took Egypt and the Arab world by storm , here is how Egyptian Facebook looked like

Now I will not comment on the crap Maikal Nabil Pasha has been writing on his twitter all day long about the hunger strike and how he accused April 6th Youth Movement of being anti-Semitic , I will not comment because I think me and other bloggers and tweeps in Egypt made crystal clear that we were standing because of a certain principle , a principle that he himself has not understood as it seems.
This is peaceful protesting and I think if there is something called Free world for real , it should support it.


  1. Dear Zeinobia, I know you won't post it but I have to ask: if the prisoners in Assad's jail were to go on hunger strike, what do you think would happen?

    1. First why I won't post it , second to be honest I do not think that the prisoners in Assad's jail can go on hunger strike,already we do not know how many or who they are and unfortunately for a regime that committed several massacres killing thousands of political prisoners before in El Mazza and Palmyra jail , it will be easy to end that movement.

    2. And those Sudanese who were detained and tortured to death for opposing Egypt's illegal, unilateral, occupation of Halayeb?

    3. Thought not...
      Double standards.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I have changed all my avatars : )

  3. Expat, if the prisoners in Iran or China went on hunger strike, how much coverage do you think it would get in the Western media?

    And more importantly, it is constantly emphasised how Israel is the only democracy in the region, that upholds human and civil rights etc etc. So surely it should then be judged on that basis? Or are we finally admitting that Israel should be judged alongside the standards of its despotic neighbours with regards to its adherence to human rights for certain members of the land that it holds?

  4. I was in russian and in israeli jails so i could to compare. i am, of course, just another dirty zionist/ so do not trust me. trust your turkish brothers


  5. http://www.timesofisrael.com/turkish-journalist-released-from-syrian-captivity/

  6. Ahmed, you must make up your mind. If Israel is the dreadful monster depicted in the Arab press - it can't be held to democratic standards. And if it held to democratic standards, then it is not a dreadful monster.


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