Sunday, May 13, 2012

Regarding the brotherhood and #FGM

Youm 7 published a report in its issue on Sunday claiming that the Freedom and Justice Party is organizing medical convoys in Mania to organize”Female genital mutilationFGM operations for free on girls there and that FJP wanted to pass a law to lift the FGM ban in Egypt.
Unfortunately there is no single media outlet that confirmed what Youm 7 claimed still it created uproar to the level that the ministry of health “MOH” is going to investigate the allegations and human rights activists reported the matter to the public prosecutor.
From there Ikhwan Web denied officially these allegations on their official account on twitter accusing rivals in presidential elections of standing behind these rumors.

I do not know where the truth is but I hope MOH tells the truth.
FGM is banned according to law in Egypt. As debatable matter among Muslim scholars in Egypt , FGM is an old African practice that is not found in others parts of Muslim world.


  1. @Zeinobia, and Egyptian Chronicles readers, can anyone explain to me the apparent contradiction between FGM being illegal in Egypt, and 97% of Egyptian girls getting it, as Wikipedia says?

  2. And also please explain, given the overwhelming popularity of the procedure, why the Muslim Brotherhood is bothering to claim that they don't support it? Isn't Seventh Day's story almost certainly true?

    1. This 97% is far more exagerated... I am trying to find someone from my social level who did this and failed... I went even to lower classes (as i am working in contracting business) and found that newer generations living in big cities don't do this anymore...

      I guess that it is only practiced in rural areas in Upper Egypt & Delta ...

      From a religious point of view , Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) had 4 daughters , there is NO SINGLE PROOF THAT HE DID THIS TO ANY OF HIS DAUGHTERS....


  3. FGM is a crime against all females, it takes away from their rights as human beings. I'm glad that my wife is one of the 3%!!!!

  4. Thanks Egyptian Engineer, and thanks to Z for covering this story.

    By the way the Seventh Day article that Z cited has lots of interesting reader comments for and against FGM. They are only visible in the original Arabic version. If you paste the link into Google Translate as I often do, they disappear.

  5. It is not true that FGM ist only practiced in Egypt and no other Muslim countries. It is done in jemen, Iraq, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran, Indonesia and of course in Africa in Sudan, Somalia, Djibuti and many more Islmic countries.

    1. Dear Hannah I am Muslim and Arab ,I know what I am speaking about , it is not operated in Islamic countries other than in Africa


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