Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Breaking : Mubarak is dead clinically !! "Updated"

It is not a rumor after all !!
MENA has just reported from short awhile ago that ousted President Hosni Mubarak has died clinically in Maadi Military hospital.
From couple of hours we read news that Mubarak was going to transfer Maadi hospital from Tora prison hospital because his heart stopped for three times. We thought it was his usual death/alive rumor but now it is confirmed by the official news agency of the Egyptian state “MENA”
Mubarak was ousted on February 11,2011. He was sentenced 25 years in jail for the killing of the protesters in #Jan25 earlier this month.

Updated : 

According to two military sources to Reuters Mubarak is not dead but rather unconscious on respirators . Anyhow aside from anonymous sources , we got Mamdouh Shahin of SCAF speaking to Christine Amanpour about Mubrak's condition denying the news published in MENA and made international headlines in no time.


  1. I think there's a dirty game with regards to what to do with him.

    The respectful Islamic thing to do would be to switch off the machine but the SCAF is probably split about how to bury him.

  2. So they took a very sick old man from the hospital, transferred him to a "prison hospita" operating without an official permit, where he became worse and probably died in less than three weeks. Of course, his death is convenient, still not something Oum edDinia can be proud of.

  3. Dear Zenobia,

    May Allah forgive me if I am mistaken.
    After all what this filthy family of Mubarak and his wife have done to us, we do not believe one single word of his death or serious condition, the whole scenario's aim is to get him out of prison (from a prison hospital that has cost us a million and a half to prepare for his contition) simply because the royal family of Mubarak can't stand the idea of him in prison, I bet you both his sons and their families will be out of the country on their private jets soon, May Allah curse them in life and death for what they have done to this country and its people. They thought they will survive forever and kep accumulating and stealing and even after Allah's message when their son died they never stopped, they started a religious organization on his name with stolen money, Allah gives us examples maybe we get the lesson?

  4. Its all very murky right now with Mubarak & the elections.
    Must be exhausting for Egypt to be going through this situation.
    Both very similiar? Is democracy clinically dead? Is it on life support right now?

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  6. Satan and his associate's in HELL have filed a lawsuit against MENA demanding financial compensation for the unnecessary expenditures incurred for the preparation of Mubarak,s arrival!


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