Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let the psychological warfare began , it is rumors time in Cairo in very hot time

As we are in a huge war right , there is a big psychological warfare whose main weapons are rumors now. It is matter of 48 hours of declaring officially the next president of Egypt.

Now we got foreign correspondents telling us they got contacts who got friends in the army and intelligence that Shafik will be announced as the Winner of the elections with difference of 260,000 votes between him and Morsi !!! Strangely this rumor was spread in Cairo too.

The tweet of Daragahi fuel huge fire in Egypt From Dubai we found Dhai Khalfan who hates the Muslim brotherhood than death claiming that Shafik won and difference between him and Morsi is 350,000 votes !!!!
At the same time we got another wave rumors told to the foreign correspondents and Egyptians who got friends again in army and intelligence who tell them to stock food because SCAF will impose curfew Thursday after announcing Shafik as president as clashes will take place. These rumors are confirmed by claims that government is transferring all important documents from all important offices downtown.
Since afternoon and people are sharing these rumors on BBM and What's App like fire.
Meanwhile the Morsi supporters are defending themselves and the victory of their candidates , you find them saying that Abdullah Kamel ,the infamous NDP journalist and member of Shafik media campaign is the responsible for these rumors.
Things are heated already especially after the claim of Shafik's campaign that he won the elections where as the MB held a press conference to assure Morsi's victory showing the results of the subsidiary polling stations and even uploading these results online.
By the way the latest rumor in the block is the death of Hosni Mubarak !!

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  1. I like this article, and your article writing style is great. thanks for it


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