Monday, June 18, 2012

Morsi's supporters celebrate their victory and Shafik's supporters celebrate their victory !!

Earlier today I went to Tahrir square and covered the celebration of Mohamed Morsi and Muslim brotherhood supporters with the initial results that crowned him as the next president of Egypt.Tens of Muslim brotherhood protesters came to Tahrir square to celebrate the results since early morning. I think it is too early to celebrate the unofficial victory , I fear things can change from Monday to Thursday. I have not seen any religious slogans during my stay in Tahrir till 11 AM to be honest.
Now from my conversations with most of the MB's supporters I am worried from their reaction if the Presidential elections committee comes and declares Shafik as a winner on Thursday , I fear Algerian scenario for real this time. You can not charge people with hope and victory like that , then give them the shock of their lives !!
Here are the photos I took today.

Here is a video clip showing part of their own celebration
Tahrir : Mohamed Morsi’s candidate celebrating his initial victory

On the other hand Shafik's campaign hold a press conference this afternoon declaring that Shafik got 51% unlike what the Muslim brotherhood was claiming. This announcement gave huge hope to Shafik's supporters and some of them have already gone to celebrate at his HQ in Dokki !!!
Shafik's supporters by Sarah Carr
This is the result of having a presidential elections committee that decided to delay the announcement of the official presidential elections results to Thursday !! There is no country in the world does this except Egypt of course , we are exception !!


  1. I'm surprised they talked to you, unless of ourse you were wearing the Niqab, oh well, if you didn't, get ready to go and buy one before they get expensive, and also change your blog identity to Zenob instead of Zeinobia.

  2. OUCH! I pray for you. Thank you for your report.

  3. "You can not charge people with hope and victory like that and then give them the shock of their lives".... Oh really? While everyone has fervently been saying how "clean" the MB are and how "corrupt" Shafiq's side is, they fail to see the calculated dirtiness of the MB .. we all know why Morsi announced his "victory" so early ... as an insurance policy to cry "foul" and commit extreme violence if they don't win. (for God's sake they even announced it before the vote!!) ... I understand ignorance from uneducated people but the naivety and ignorance that educated people are showing will take this country down to new depths that even Mubarak couldn't manage. What a shame.

  4. Quote "You can not charge people with hope and victory like that, then give them the shock of their lives" ..... Oh really!!!!! It amazes me that people consider the MB as the "clean" party whilst Shafiq's side is "corrupt", it is so obvious that Morsi (and his "controllers") made the victory speech as an "insurance policy" to justify the violence that would occur if ultimately he doesn't win (for God's sake didn't they even announce it before the elections!!). Shafiq's announcement was simply a counter-shot. This is not the fault of the presidential committee delaying the result, this is the fault of a Party that only thinks of themselves and not the benefit of the country. I can understand the ignorance of uneducated people but the naivety and ignorance that the educated Egyptians are showing is devastating and will take our beloved country to lower depths that even Mubarak couldn’t reach. What a shame.

  5. All reputable source declared morsi's winning. Independent judges committee, Ahram news paper, Shourok, Rassd, aljazeera TV, ElHayah TV, CBC Tv, ONtv,...

  6. Is there any reason given to this delay?! It sounds suspicious to me!

  7. No reason to celebrate at all! I look towards the future suspiciously .. day by day events are changing in Egypt (not for the better). All we know after a few days is who will be the president, and that's it :)

  8. Thank you for the reports and the photos.

  9. Sounds to me like you just traded a corrupt secular government for a corrupt religious government. And it doesn't look like you're too happy with the military either.

  10. Replies
    1. Why shut up? You can't handle the truth? The mb are the Most corrupt vile sub humans on the face of this earth, they care nothing for the people, only for their own mission... Mubarak will look like a saint compared to them.. There is no democracy in Islam, anyone with half a brain knows that!

  11. I think we will have a very close election results similar to the 1960 US presidential election. Notice that Kennedy initially won California by 37,000 votes then after 1 week Nixon won the state by 36,000 votes. Also 15 electors refused to vote for either candidate. Also notice the controversies about vote fraud in Texas and Illinois and Nixon refused to contest the results even though many believed he could have won the popular vote if a recount was granted.


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