Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Insanity and The Myth of Mubarak Regime’s death

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results
Albert Einstein
When you speak to some of Shafik’s supporters online and offline form the Non NDPians moderates who are only scared from the Muslim brotherhood and the fate of Iran , you will find them believe that things will be better in time of Shafik as there will be democracy and he can’t return back to Mubarak’s regime because that regime is dead !! This is what they will tell you if you express your concern regarding democracy and freedoms in time of President Shafik. They do not mind if you express your concerns against the Muslim brotherhood but heavens forbid if I express my concerns , I will be a sick coward hysterical person !!
I am not hysterical or emotional but rater logic , there are certain facts in Egypt that can not be disputed that will lead any creature with a working brain to one result : Mubarak’s regime is not over yet and it is gaining force by the minute with Shafik’s progress.
These crystal clear facts are :
  • All the heads of Shafik’s campaign offices in the governorates are from the former NDP party leaderships , just a simple Google their names and you will find them in old news as members of the shameful NDP. 
  • Aly El Din El Halal and Mohamed Kamal , the big brains of NDP are said to be behind this unholy collaboration between him and that mafia called NDP.
  • All Mubarak’s era corrupted media icons are backing him , in fact they are the members of his media campaign :  Abdullah Kamel, Siyad Ali , Magdy El Dakak , Ahmed Moussa, Abdel Latif Al Manawy , Osama Saraya and Ali Abdel Rehim.
  • These figures above have expressed their hate and rejection to the revolution aside from their long regime kissing ass history !! 
  • I will not speak about the big funding budget of Shafik’s campaign but honestly who actually funds him ? Who are his biggest donators ?
Let’s go back to the results of the first round of the elections : Huge and surprisingly victory for Shafik in certain governorates mainly in Sharkia and Monufia as well in Upper Egypt. Shafik would not have got these results if it were not for the mobilization of the NDPians there , he would not get these numbers.
El Ghul in the red circle behind Shafik
Already personally I know how NDPians in Sharkia played a dirty game mobilizing their bases to get these votes. I also know how the NDPians and State security officers made deals in Qena and in Upper Egypt with the tribes and their chiefs.  
Of course when I speak about Qena , I can’t ignore Shafik’s biggest campaigner there : Former NDP leader Abdel Rehim El Ghul. Not only El Ghul is a proud of being Shafik’s supporters but also he is more than proud of Mubarak’s regime remnant !!
I am the Godfather of all the regime’s remnants
El Ghul said with pride in a meeting for the tribes to endorse Shafik that was held from two weeks ago in Qena.
Sadly and not ironically El Ghul  was the boss of thug Hamma El Komony , the shooter who killed several Christians in 2010 in Nag Hammadi who was executed only last year and El Ghul led a huge sick sectarian funeral for him in Nag Hammadi according to eye witnesses !! El Ghul also suggested a law in 2010 while being a MP in People’s assembly that would allow the security forces to shot down the protesters. I think I blogged about then.
Last week I found some tweeps close to the Salafists claiming that the State security officers began to call their contacts that they are getting ready to return back to business.
Can tell me my dear how can I except a result , a better state in time of Shafik than Mubarak’s state based on these facts ?? How can I expect the same men that made our beloved great Egypt hit rock bottom to make from Egypt a REAL LEADING COUNTRY THAT RESPECTs HUMAN RIGHTS ,FREEDOMS AND DEMOCRACY !!? In Fact in what logic these corrupted men are expected to be good enough to achieve the revolution goals !! The revolution that is against them and what they represent !!
I am not campaigning for Mursi heavens forbid , he got his millions of supporters to do this. Already for me Mursi will be the weakest president Egypt will have ever seen in its modern history with no control what so ever on police or army or media , the three main pillars to control a state if he wins unlike Shafik.
I am fed up with the amount of lies that Shafik is the savior of the civilian state and protector of civil liberties , I feel stupid already writing this post as I am dealing basic facts.
Mubarak’s regime is not couple of men thrown in jail right  Mubarak’s regime is not Mubarak only and I think any political science book can tell you that. Our revolution is not against Mubarak only but rather against a regime built on other two undemocratic old regimes.
God curses the corrupted media


  1. Brilliant! And why isn't Morsy exposing Shafik with such facts?

  2. Sadat started off as a very weak president! Army dominance in the politics of Turkey, Brazil & Indonesia were beaten in due course, and look where they are now. God bless Egypt.

  3. good comment Mostafa

  4. If Egypt chooses Shafik freely as their president, it definitely prooves Omar Suleiman's infamous statement:

    "Democracy can't work here."

  5. Don't forget, while Morsi might or might not be a weak president, (Ice got a feeling he'll suprise us) the brotherhood is definantly not weak. If anyone has a chance, realisticly speaking of challenging SCAF, its the brotherhood, he only other organized political force in Egypt.


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