Monday, July 23, 2012

And this how it started in Iraq !!

The Zogaibs´ memorial service ad
Last week something very alarming happened in Damascus and it is not the big bombing that killed la crème de la crème of El Assad security regime , it is something else.
A very important rocket scientist in Syria was killed along with his family last week, his wife and his two sons “two sons” in an ambush at Bab Toma checkpoint area. Both regime forces and rebel forces are accusing each other of killing him and his family.
Dr. Walid Ibrahim Zogaib, a general in the air forces who is considered from the Godfathers of the Syrian missiles program.
Now for me the murder of his man and his family for me in this way is more than coincidence than National security big bombing and the death of Omar Sulieman. Too much Arab and Egyptian rocket and nuclear scientists have been killed in strange circumstances to believe it was a coincidence.
Call me crazy but this is so much an Iraqi scenario , sooner more Syrian scientists in nuclear energy will be killed and the Syrian historical heritage from antiquities will be destroyed and smuggled. This is how it started in Iraq. Someone has already started a petition in Avaaz to protect Syrian history heirtage.
If I were the president of Egypt , I swear I would bring all those scientists from Syria in some protection Egyptian science program temporarily like Paper Clip program of the States in Science that hosted Nazi scientists whom actually shaped the scientific American history till their country is stable and strong enough.
May Allah bless all Syrian martyrs.


  1. you are on the money Zeinobia. There are continuos plans and executions to drag Egypt and the ME backward (particularly from scientific & techological developmentsin nuclear science) go back to royalty time in Egypt (read the stories of how Samira Mousa & Dr Musharfa died). Then Serious nuclear development potentials in Egypt in the late sixties went to the freezer through manipulating Nasser and big volume of Egyptian scientists went abroad because of nothing to do in Egypt. Then your assessment about Iraq and Syria. Now, you can analyze the role the MB is set to achieve in Egypt, i.e. stop any technical progress. If Morsi deviates he will get Nasser and Sadat future. Good luck Egypt, stay Ignorant and you will be safe.

  2. A little off-topic, but important: The Egyptian blockade of the Gaza Strip has ended.

  3. Zainobia all this time you fell into the media hype trap set by the West and lately by AJ and Al Arabeya.
    It's only now after so many posts condemning the Assad regime you now finally realise that what is coming is far worse. Saudi and Qatari Wahabi rebels getting their hands on Syrian chemical and biological weapons is something you never thought of when you posted so much about bringing down Assad but as today proved again and again that Syria and Iraq were far more stable and secular before the West and it's Gulf allies started banging the war drums this you cannot deny. I seemed to be a voice alone in saying over and over dont fall for the trap, dont repeat Iraq scenario but my voice was not strong enough because of blogs like this which spread so much mis information about Syria and which relies on rebels accounts which cannot be verified. Maybe after 2 disasters the next one people will learn..................: (

    1. Agree 100%. People should examine history and learn (hopefully). The same story happened with Iran. After Musaddac failure to run the oil industry following his attempted nationalization, they brought the Shah back, but to their shock he started to act with passion to his country, and started to follow the Japan model and he acted like Muhamed Ali, and sent lot of iranians to learn from Germany, Japan, and Scandanavia,,. All of a sudden Kohmeini was returned from exile in France and the story repeat itself. Saddam was actually acting same way and they helped Khomeini fighting him (check the Iran Contra affair). I don't know when the region would learn?? . The Wahabi clouds are blinding them !!!!!

  4. Egypt was heading to build nuclear reactor with the help of the USA (for electric power production & desalination of sea wate for agriculturer)in the late sixty. All of a sudden the genious Nasser was announcing that annual "IAEA inspection for spent nuclear fuel is an invasion of Egypt's respect, privacy, ..etc "and is not acceptable .As if he didn't know the international rules for UN-IAEA beforehand. Following that disaster,almost all Egypt nuclear scientists& engineers left the country for meaningful future(in France, USA & Canada). That should inform you of how Egypt was , still is manipulated . Now the UAE is building a nuclear reactor ..they have all the needed knowledge ..hehe..!! . A country with few millions, lot of money controlled by outside is safe one.. a country with enough and knowledgeable population (is dangerous !!). Read between the lines


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