Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#Olympics2012 : The First Egyptian and the First African to reach for the Finals Fencing foil "Updated "

Ok this is historical , for the first time an African/Arab/Egyptian reaches to the finals of the fencing foil competing on the gold medal in the Olympics, this African/Arab/Egyptian is Alaa El Din Abu El Kassem.

Now Abu El Kassem , thank God secured for us a medal whether the gold or the silver   thank God.
We are so existed , this is the first time Egyptians glued in front of TV channels watching 9 minutes of fencing clueless waiting for the red color in Abu El Kassem’s helmet to beam. Of course we know the rules of the game later.
Here is Abu El Kassem’s twitter account by the way.
The final of fencing foil will be on air after few minutes
Updated : 
And Abu El Kassem got the silver medal after fantastic game and performance, he lost 13-15 in front of the Chinese opponent who found himself in front of  a fearless Egyptian fighter. Abu El Kassem played wonderful game despite his injury to the level that he impressed the British presenters as well the audience. This is the first silver medal for Egypt and Africa in fencing , in Olympics. Our rank in the Olympics is 24 after this medal which hopefully will not be the last. 
It is joyful day for the Arabs as Qatar got Bronze medal


  1. Congratulations, a proud moment indeed!

  2. I noticed that Aya who is multi-talented, both in fencing and swimming and other things, hasn't been mentioned yet :( . She was born November 20, 1988, and Abu Elkassem is November 25, 1990. Must be something powerful in those late November births.

  3. thanks for sharing.

  4. congratulations alaa


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