Sunday, July 8, 2012

#Sudan Revolts : It is officially #FreeShaimaa

Shaimaa Adel 
5 days now and Shaimaa Adel ,the Egyptian journalist of Al Watan newspaper has not released been released yet. We do not know anything for real about Shaimaa except that after her release , she was arrested by the NISS , the Sudanese intelligence !!
I am so surprised that there is nothing from the ministry of foreign affairs’ side or our embassy in Khartoum . According to the Sudanese embassy in Cairo , Adel entered the country and covered the protests without notifying the information center that gives foreign journalists press permits !! Of course this is not excuse because Shaimaa can be deported if she got no papers !!!
Today tens of the Egyptian protesters protested in solidarity with Shaimaa Adel as well Sudanese uprising.
Shaimaa is not the only detained person in Sudan as it seems that more and more activists are detained some times from their own homes, the list is increasing every time I check #Sudan_Revolts whether in Arabic or in English. We are speaking about hundreds of detainees in 3 weeks only.
Last Friday Sudanese security forces attacked protesters at the mosques using new strong type of tear gas grenades and rubber shots. Here is a video from the battle of Wad Nubawi mosque on Friday showing the attack of the security forces on the mosque.

Khartoum : Wad Nubawi Mosque
One the protesters threw back the tear gas grenades 
The Rubber bullets used against protesters 
Of course now El Bashir is using the old game in the book announcing that his government will draft a new Islamic constitution for the country !! Sudan does not need a new constitution for God sake !! 
Now some of you may wonder why the Sudanese are protesting and what their demands are. Well here is a link from Girfina’s official website.
I will take the honor and copy these demands in to my blog :
The resignation of the National Congress Party (NCP) government, to be replaced by a transitional government. This transitional government should represent all geographical regions of Sudan, its civil society agencies, youth and women. We expect the transitional government to achieve the following:
  1. Conduct national elections within a time-frame that is no longer than two years.
  2. Eliminate all public order laws and laws restricting freedoms.
  3. Eliminate all increases imposed by the NCP on the prices of basic consumption goods such as fuel, sugar and foodstuff. And take action to fight poverty and improve living conditions.
  4. Release all political prisoners and ensure freedom of political participation and freedom of the press.
  5. Put a stop to the use of religion to terrorize political opponents as well as stop all atonement campaigns and accusations of treason.
  6. Recreate the national forces, police, security and public service agencies to ensure they serve national interests and are professional, objective, neutral and transparent.
  7. Investigate all violations against human rights and torture and bring those responsible to trial.
  8. Investigate all crimes of corruption and illegal accumulation of wealth, as well as the looting of public wealth. In addition, put to trial all those accused of corrupt practices and pursue the recovery of what they stole from the country’s resources and wealth.
  9. Reevaluation of Sudanese judicial personnel and the immediate formation of transparent courts of appeals to accept and handle appeals of cases ruled by the Sudanese judicial system since June 30 1989. These courts have the legitimacy to refute a previous ruling and compensate individuals or groups.
  10. Resolve the crisis in Darfur and respond to all the demands of the people of Darfur, as well as put to trial those who have committed crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing.
  11. Stop the war on our people of South Kurdfan, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains.
  12. Ensure the freedom of mobility, residency, work and ownership to South Sudanese residing in Sudan.
  13. Conduct a national conference to find a mechanism to govern Sudan and find solutions to the current national crisis.
  14. Put an end to the ethnic monopoly over power and permit the participation of all marginalized peoples.
  15. Allow the active participation of youth in political decisions and give youth the opportunity to assume leadership positions within their parties.
  16. Adopt a democratic mechanism to draft and approve a national constitution that codifies these demands for freedom, social justice and equity into law.
Now back to Shamiaa Adel , it seems that the Egyptian authorities are not interested in saving so I am asking journalists from all over the world to help her and other Sudanese detainees.


  1. is this report wrong? (stating that Shaimaa was freed) (thanks Sherifa Zuhur)

    1. It is not wrong ,she was released then she was re-arrested by Sudanese security forces. There are protests on a daily basis in Cairo in front of the embassy calling for release.
      Her newspaper has launched a campaign in order for her release.


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