Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#Sudan Revolts : Shaimaa Is back :)

And Shaimaa Adel is back home and safe speaking to the media about her detention. She arrived in Addis Abba earlier this morning where she was received by members from presidency .

It was supposed that president Mohamed Morsi would have a presser where Shaimaa would speak but it was cancelled in the last moment.

Shaimaa spoke to Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr revealing that for 14 days the Egyptian embassy did not contact her at all and that President Morsi insisted on her return back. She was detained by Sudanese intelligence yet well treated. She believed that she was arrested because of her coverage for the uprising in Sudan and having an interview with controversial Sudanese leader Sadek El Mahdy.

Shaimaa Adel speaks to Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr
Now I do not care what Morsi promised and told El Bashir to make Shaimaa return safe , I do not not care about his statement about not exporting the Egyptian revolution to neighbor countries because our neighbor countries do not need anyone to import our revolution as they have their own reasons to revolt.

All what I care for is that I will continue to cover the uprising in Sudan insh Allah.

Updated : Shaimaa Adel is speaking now on ONTV's Baldna Bel Masry , it turns out that she was accused of spying in Sudan and training Sudanese protesters and activists of standing against security forces !!! This is back in Cairo we knew from sources that th MOFA could not help her and it was not an intelligence issue.

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