Friday, July 13, 2012

#Syria Revolts : A new Massacre in time massacres become a norm in the country

Last night a terrible massacre took place in the village of Tremseh in Hama , not less that 215 civilians have been killed in one of the most horrible massacres committed against Syrians since the start of the revolution.

According to activists the massacre started with the helicopters shelling and attacking the citizens before the tanks and mortars started to shell the village.

Tremseh : The shelling of the village.

The tragedy continued with a ground assault by the Shabiha regime man that slaughtered tens of the victims. The activists added that some of the victims’ bodies were found in the river !!

Tremseh : The martyrs of Tremseh
Tremseh : The martyrs of Tremseh

Among the horrifying details that I found in the footage emerging as well activists from Hama that the people there found 30 burned bodies, 40 people were summarily executed and 17 people were killed by knives !! 50 houses were allegedly burned in the attack in the village.

Here is a video showing the injured who survived the massacre.

Tremseh : The injured of shelling

Of course the Syrian regime claims that the militant terrorist gangs stormed the village and killed its residents.

Hundreds of dead bodies were buried today in the morning in a very sad yet too frequent scene in Syria.

Tremseh : Burying the martyrs

Some observers noticed that often the recent massacres committed in the Sunni populated village that are surrounded with Alawi villages.

So far according to the Local coordination committees of Syria not less than 287 Syrian have been killed so on Friday in the different parts of Syria including Tremseh. The protests of today were planned to be against Anan but after the massacre , the Syrians got more to protest for and against.

International community did what is expected from it to do and denounced the massacre. Kofi Anan whom the Syrian protesters are accusing of being biased towards El Assad and Iran condemned the attack and considered it a breach to the agreement when it comes to the use of heavy weapons !!

It seems that the world powers “States and Russia” want to turn the Syrian revolution in to a civil war , indeed it has become a civil war and actually I know after this terrible massacre targeting the Sunni population , the Alawis in specific and Shiite Syrians in general will face hell if not sectarian cleansing taking in consideration the sectarian speech used in the Arab Gulf mainstream and Social media. Just following the Syrian Facebook Pages supporting the revolution , you will find these calls to the Free Syrian army to target the Alawi villages and cleanse it from its people in revenge !!

This is what the States want a confrontation between the Sunni and Shiite to end the power of both Iran and Russia in the area. Syria may end to a playground like Afghanistan between Russia and the States with respect or regards to the price the Syrians are paying from their own blood. Now Syria began to attract Arab Sunni youth who want to fight with the Free Syrian army. Already a young Egyptian fighter , a civilian was reportedly killed in that on going war from couple of days ago and actually he is not alone or the first as there are other Egyptian youth are fighting among the FSA as some sort of Jihad.

The act of those Egyptian young men who are ready to die for Syria is opposite to the official position of the Egyptian presidency and the official stand that did not change with the elections of  Morsi : Egypt does not want international direct military intervention in Syria. Back in Syria protesters are demanding the first elected president of Egypt to ban the Iranian ships from passing through Suez canal. Famous Ali Farzat already is suing the Egyptian government for that.

Dear Syrians the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt will not stand with Syria but will send its youth there to fight if it knows that its branch in Syria will have full control of the country.

Speaking about Syrian opposition indirectly , I think this article in the Guardian is extremely interesting about the famous faces of Syrian opposition in Foreign media.

In the end Sometimes I pray that the two powers “US and Russia” reach to a solution to end this blood bath for real but I know as an Arab the blood rivers they have caused all that time , will not stop.

Sometimes I pray that the photos of all those beautiful kids reportedly killed in Syria are fake photos and these kids are still alive but I know I am dreaming.

Sometimes I remember what I once read about the American civil war : Americans faced their worst enemy ; themselves yet in the end a great nation was born. I hope that the Great Syria is born after this terrible tragedy.


  1. List of confirmed victims of the Traimsah Massacre

  2. So what? Where is the Arab league? Where is the umma-al-arabiyya?

    Why do you blame the USA and Russia? This an ARAB civil war! Solve your problems and don't drag the West into your rubbish!

    Where is the Arab boycott against Russia and China??? Nothing! just blablablah.

  3. A True Syrian @ HEART !!!7/14/2012 01:12:00 PM

    Oh please, the whole Syria thing is not about saving civilians from being attacked. Thats the sob story they are feeding the public for support, in reality the US and Israel just want to get rid of a thorn in their side (Assad), and strike a blow against Iran in the process. How many people die in the various civil wars in Africa through the years without France, UK, or US giving a sh|t? The answer is a lot. The reason nobody gives a sh|t about THOSE civilians is because they live in countries which do not matter geopolitically.

    So stop trying to pretend this is some noble white knight crap, the West riding in to save Syrian civilians. The US just wants to get rid of Assad. Look at Libya. After Quadaffi was deposed I would bet that more civilians have died since, than in the insurrection leading up to the whole affair, in revenge killings and such. If it was just about saving civilians, NATO should have bombed the rebels and helped Quadaffi win his civil war. The net result would have been less deaths.

    1. ... and you are a Syrian folool! Assad's father was a killer and now his son shows that killing runs in the family blood. China and Russia want to keep the tyrant to have stronghold in Middle East.

  4. I truly find it disgusting and inexplicable that countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan oppose any military intervention in Syria to help the people, despite the fact that the Syrian activists and people have been calling for it for 1000 times. What do these countries think ?

    Egypt and Jordan is the enemy of the Syrian people.

  5. A True Syrian @ HEART !!!7/17/2012 12:15:00 PM

    Obviously, the person replying to my post is ineffective in his or her thoughts to the extent of re-itterating what the mainstream media wants you to re-itterate the same way as a parrot does. Simply because you still live in a world of unconsciousness and unawareness of true political and geo-political agendas of the world empires. Its too complicated for you or rather for 90% of middle easterners to comprehend. Twisted as it may sound, but you do not actually deserve to understand and it is exactly why you think and talk this way, and exactly why you will wake up one day realizing what your naiveness and pre-mature thoughts and emotions have been hampered with through the "arab spring" by every power/nation you call upon to interfere in your own nations and civil liberties. I on the other hand am not Syrian as you pre-maturely concluded, however I am Syrian @ Heart. I hope you understand the difference now ;)


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