Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Arrogance is the beginning of the failure

The Constitution party has admitted its papers officially today to be recognized as an official political party presenting a new hope for the liberal parties in Egypt.
Most politicians welcomed including the Muslim brotherhood politicians in their own way

I welcome the Constitution Party in an addition to the parties that will appear and the parties that disappeared and Freedom and Justice Party will remain for a real democratic life in Egypt

This was leading MB member and current acting Freedom and Justice Party leader as well newly appointed adviser to President Morsi Dr. Essam El Arian !!!!!!!!!!!!! Freedom and Justice Party will remain and the rest will disappear !!?? Wow so much for modesty !? and the MB insists on not being a new NDP !! The MB and FJP politicians can not stand the party of their old ally Mohamed ElBaradei mocking it since its activities in the Eid.   
Anyhow on the other hand Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh welcomed the new party that will compete his own party "Strong Egypt" in a very civilized noble way that shows the difference between him and El Arian.
The participation of Dr. ElBaradei in the partisan life will enrich it and the youth that surround him are a hope to Egypt .. good luck to constitution party and every committed young member in it.
I have got hopes for the Constitution party and I pray it will succeed. I have got hopes not because of the big names like ElBaradei, Gameela Ismail, Bothaina Kamel or dear Israa Abdel Fatah but because of its active members from youth all over the country that are engaging with the public unlike any other party so far


  1. Erian welcomes those that appear and those that dissapeared. He didnt say it quite as you put it. Ok there was a twist of the knife in the implication that Baradai is not likely to persist in Egyptian politics but hey this is politics... You give it your slant he gives it his!!

  2. He didn't say it exactly this way. He said that he welcomes Eldostor Party. But in the same breath, he added that there will be parties that will appear, and others that will disappear, but his party, that of the Muslim Brothers, will remain the party for true democracy in Egypt.

    In Arabic, or in English, it is a stupid comment from an educated man and a leading politician. But then, Elarian had said many other stupid comments lately. I don't know what got into his head. I used to think that he can be a real diplomat in talking to the world about his Brotherhood, but now I know that my thought was not that clear.



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