Thursday, August 30, 2012

Who wrote the NAM Speech ??

Some think it was sectarian , some think it was the best, few like think it was balanced and well written to the level I wonder who wrote it !?? I am speaking about Mohamed Morsi’s speech in Tehran at the Non Alignment movement summit.
Here is the speech in Arabic.

The important points in the long speech that continued for 42 minutes
  • El Assad regime should leave. “The Syrian delegation left and later slammed the speech as an intervention in Syria’s issue”
  • The right to have a Palestinian state recognized internationally and the rights of Palestinian refugees.
  • Keeping the Middle East free zone of nuclear mass destruction weapons.
  • He spoke about Nasser ,he could not ignore him.
It is a good thing that Morsi went to say in Iran that El Assad regime should leave , it is better than boycotting the summit.
Now there is an euphoria among Arabs and Egyptians mainly from Islamists and Salafists because he saluted all the Righteous Caliphs name by name in Tehran. Radical Shiites do not recognized Abu Bakr , Omar and Othman as righteous caliphs. It is being hailed as the most important speech ever told in the Modern age in NAM , in Islamic world in the universe !!!!!
May be I am not sectarian but I believe that it was good gesture to unite Muslims in the speech of Morsi by mentioned Abu Bakr, Omar , Othman and Ali peace upon them all.
Now we got the Muslim brotherhood and activists like world famous Asmaa Mahfouz calling for a public hero reception for Morsi after historical great speech in Iran !!!
 This is how Egyptians excelled in making false idols from their rulers !!!!!

The Muslim brotherhood and Al Nour Salafist Party have mobilized their members already to receive Morsi at the airport and also to receive at Fatmah  El Shorbagy mosque in New Cairo where he prays
Ok now it is getting out of control , a Kuwaiti Poet called Hamd Ibn Abdullah dedicates a Poem to Morsi praising him as a President who conquers all villains and kicks the asses of Zoroastrians "Shiite" , Zionists , crosses "Christians". By the way that Kuwaiti Poet is actually from Salafi Jihadist Sheikh.


  1. @Zeinobia, you said "there is an euphoria among Arabs and Egyptians mainly from Islamists and Salafists because he saluted all the Righteous Caliphs name by name in Tehran. Radical Shiites do not recognized Abu Bakr , Omar and Othman as righteous caliphs".

    Shiites are not true Muslims. For example, they reject Aisha.

    It is important that all true Muslims recognize this fact.

    1. Firstly, who the hell are you to decide who is muslim or not? They believe in the Quran and the prophets, and they publicise this so who are you to pass judgement in this way.

      Secondly, the point of the article isn't about whether shiites are muslims or not. It's the fact that this speech is being interpreted as sectarian in nature and may be used to incite further hatred and unsanctimonious behaviour. With ridiculous statements like assigning yourself the power to distinguish between who is a muslim and who isn't, no wonder people interpret this speech in this way.

  2. I thought you were actually going to say who wrote the speech.

  3. It was a good enough speech. Honest about the disagreements over Syria and the abbatoir it has become. Kind of spoiled the party a bit. It was supposed to be an anti-American festival with everyone singing "death to AMERICA" and praising the wisdom and fortitude of the Grand Ayatollah (shadow of God on earth).

    Took guts to be somewhat undiplomatic about the murderous dictatorship of Assad and to link the situation to the Palestinians. Only thing he forgot to mention is the oppression Iranians themselves are living under. Thats OK. Most people in the world consider a side issue. A detail. Not worth ruffling feathers over.

    Noone has the authority to decide who is or is not a true muslim. Or a true Christian or Jew. People can take the authority on and enforce it at the barrel of a gun but that rather undermines their claim to holy,god-given, authority.

    1. totally agree

      No one has the right to judge anothers religion and to say who is right and who is wrong. That kind of talk is sadly why the world is in the mess it is as there is no tolerance and understanding of anothers right to their belief without being called an infidel.

      That kind of talk makes me sick.

  4. "Jason," a tool in the hands of the west as they play their divide and conquer games.

    1. I dont think they ever stopped their crusades.

    2. The Crusades have been over for hundreds of years. Get over your butthurt at getting your sorry asses kicked out of Spain.

  5. @Lysander, your Persian taskmasters are calling you.

  6. @Pirooz - Noone has the authority to decide who is Muslim?

    Wait, I thought you were a Coptic Christian.

  7. "@Lysander, your Persian taskmasters are calling you."

    I'm actually Egyptian. I have no master. If I did though, I would much prefer Persian than Zionist/Saudi. Although I'm sure the latter pay much better. How much do they pay you per post, "Jason?"

  8. @Lysander, nobody pays me to post. Not here, not on my blog, not anywhere.

    Why the scare quotes around my name? Unlike you, I don't use a pseudonym. The concept of irony must be too Western for your Egyptian brain.


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