Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rachel Corrie , it is your damn fault to stand in front of military bulldozers after all !!!

Now the Egyptian judiciary got a competition when it comes to politicized verdicts regionally : The Israeli judiciary !!
Today an Israeli court ruled out that Israeli government is not responsible for Rachel Corrie’s death !! It was the 23 years old American activist’s fault to stand against military bulldozers in 2003 to protest the demolition of Palestinian houses in Gaza. After all like judge Oded Gershon said , she could distance herself from bulldozer like any reasonable person !! Clearly Gershon believes late Corrie was a crazy woman to stand against a military bulldozer of an invading army attacking civilians !!
It was an accident and she brought it upon herself !!
Am I surprised ?? No I am not unlike those who thought Israel will treat the case differently because it concerns an American citizen !! After all if the court convicted the IDF , that conviction would open a debate about the actions of the IDF in Gaza and demolishing the Palestinian houses in the occupied territories.
Here is the reaction of the Corries after the verdict.

Here is sweet little Corrie in the 5th Grade speaking about future plans to help the third world.
Rachel Corrie join your great uncles of USS Liberty !!
Of course there is huge anger in social media concerning the verdict worldwide, here are two angry hashtags in English : #Justice4Rachel and #RachelCorrie. The Israeli PR machine started its work and we found Israeli PM’s spokesperson Ofir Gendelman speaking on twitter about the verdict and thank goodness he did not accuse Corrie of terrorism herself like ISM !!


  1. Justice has not been served!

  2. Israelis are the demons of the world. No one expected justice because justice is a word they simply do not understand. They are the cancer of the middle east and hopefully in my life time there will be no Israel. It's time that the world had peace. Israel is a canker, a sore on the planet. Simple as that. Rest in Peace Rachel along with all the other victims of the Israeli war and devilish machine. Your day of justice will come as will all our days of justice.

    1. Go and drown in your hate

  3. if i am going to the suk carmel in tel-aviv i know, that i am legitimate military target, because i am the devil of the world. everybody knows it, and nobody was actually surprised when it happened in november 2004. three ukranian women were killed by palestinian hero. their heads were blast off. another 30 were wounded, that in some cases worse than death. relatives didn't go to sue palestinian liberation front because we are the devils, and you are the angels. may Allah bless your souls.

  4. Saint Pancake Rest In Peace

  5. You claim that you will not tolerate any insult in your blog or any racist or hateful comment, but you have insulted Israel and made hateful comments about their right to convene a court and pass a judgment about events that took place within the sovereignty of their own nation. If a Jew got in front of a Palestinian suicide bomber, do you think the Palestinians would feel any remorse when that person was blown to smitherines? I don't think so. And you allow some Iran-like clown to say hateful and racist things about how there should be no Israel and falsely calling them a cancer. I'm a student of Arabic and Islam, but I promise you that the Arabic world and Islam get no respect in the eyes of the world when such anti-Israeli rhetoric is spewed, I am American and of non-Jewish descent. A Colombian guy moved into the neighborhood where I was several years ago. He had married an Israeli girl. They had been living in Haifa, but had to move to the US because where they were living was destroyed by Hamas pellet bombs from the Gaza Strip that were designed to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible. I never heard the Palestinians admit any wrong doing for these actions or any other, even though blackstone is talking the talk, but only sarcastically. I think I'd want to build a wall to keep people out if they were doing those kinds of things to me as well.

  6. Corrie came to Israel with one purpose, to help palestinian rejectionists in their aim to destroy Israel. This hate filled young woman who even burned her own flag tried to prevent israeli's in a war zone from demolishing houses that hid smuggling tunnels used to bring rockets into Israel. Hamas has fired around 12,000 rockets indiscriminately into Israeli towns and cities. Why did you not mention that?

    We see how Egypt has reacted when 16 of its soldiers were killed. It has gone crazy trying to find and kill those who aided the perpetrators.

    My sympathies are for the other Rachel's, around a dozen who died from palestinian suicide bombers whilst Corrie was playing chicken with bulldozers.

    I like your blog, but you should also try to understand that hatred of Israel will not help Egypt one bit.

    Palestinians will


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