Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Morsi in China

President Mohamed Morsi started his visit to China today where he was received officially by Chinese president Hu Jintao in Beijing earlier today. This is the third foreign visit for Morsi after his visit to Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia since he was elected as the President of Egypt.

Aside from the bilateral relations between Egypt and China , the Syrian issue is the main topic of the hour as I expected and hinted out before on twitter and people mocked me. Chinese media is highlighting the statements of Morsi’s spokesperson in China about Egypt’s refusal to military intervention in Syria. “Syrians are cursing Morsi already for this statement”
Morsi at the Great Hall of the people "Xinhua"
Economics relations are another important file Morsi is discussing with his Chinese counterpart. Morsi will sign 8 economic agreements in China concerning investment , telecommunications and ports.
I think those 8 economic agreements are old ones from time of Mubarak that the ousted president ignored like for instance like developing west of the Suez project. It was signed during time of Mubarak and was completely forgotten.
Interestingly enough the 70 businessmen accompanying Morsi are former NDP tycoons like Mohamed Farid Khamis and MB businessmen like Hassan Malak. Businessman and new steel tycoon Ahmed Abu Hashima “formally known as Haifa Wehbe’s hubby” is speaking about Egyptian-Chinese partnership in steel industry .

Chinese will not help us in re-building our national economy or industry , for God sake in Damietta the furniture industry is struggling !!! I hope Morsi knows what he is doing. We need to know what these deals are.
Morsi and Jinato "Xinhua"
There are arms deal in this visit which are also old arms deal from time of Mubarak that were completely ignored so the States won’t be angry. The ministry of interior will import couple of anti-riots vehicles from China too.

Morsi at the Great Hall of the people "Xinhua"
By the way speaking it will be a nice thing if the President of Egypt prayed in Beijing's oldest mosque “Niujie Mosque” , it can send a simple good message to Chinese Muslims who suffer under Chinese ruler. By the way I love how the Niujie Mosque looks like.


  1. I liked the way you spelled steel. The "steal" business. Thats what a lot of business is, unfortunately. Still, China could be a good partner for Egypt except on Syria, in which they & Russia & Iran are playing a dirty game.

  2. I fully support China and Russian efforts to stop escalation of total massacre of Syria. People need to realise that once Syria is gone Iran will be next and then the whole Gulf as the final prize!!!! Arabs need to wake up quick or the neo cons will control the entire region!


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