Saturday, August 11, 2012

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-21&22

Scheherazade is going to enchant us with two nights not only one tonight from her tale ; the tale Hagar , Sahar and Egrama.

First, you can refresh your memory with last night’s episode. 

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Scheherazade and Shahryar

We will start with the 21st night of our tale , which is the 423rd episode of the Egyptian Radio classical Arabian nights show written by legendary Taher Abu Fasha.

The Dervish will show Seksek what can not be seen , a secret that God only knows , the secret of reviving the dead , oh yes the secret of Resurrection. 

At first the old king does not believe it at first but Dervish wants to demonstrate it through a corpse of a human or an animal.

The king orders his men to bring a corpse of a dead man. Now the dervish is telling the king about transferring the spirits from one body to another body and how he learned that from his old master. It is something like reincarnation.
Seksek’s servants  bring to him a dead chicken and the dervish tells the king that he will transfer his soul “the dervish” to the chicken’s dead boy. He asked the king’s permission to let him lay his body while transferring his soul. The magic happens , the chicken revives towards the scared king while the dervish seems to be dead , then the chicken dies and the dervish is awake again.

Episode #22

Now the King is begging for the secret from the dervish for any price he wants and the dervish is ok with the bargain telling him the secret spell. 

The king decides to test it the spell and he will transfer his soul to the dead chicken and it works. The dervish asks for nothing and in return Seksek orders his execution !! No man should know the holy secret of Resurrection.
And then Scheherazade continues her tale on the 22nd night; the 424th episode of the Egyptian Radio classical Arabian nights show.

 Seksek is asking about Hagar who is still alive. I think you get what he wants to do , to transfer his soul to Hagar’s body.
The wicked king is deceiving Hagar claiming that he will release them both because of their love on one condition : To forgive him. 
On the other hand Sahar wants to kill herself as she believes her beloved is killed but she finds him alive. Sahar and Hagar forgive the king who does not want them to leave but rather to stay claiming that Hagar will be a minister in his court.
Hagar tells the king that he will accept his position on the condition that the old man changes his policies and release the rebels and the tribal children from his jails. 

The wicked man tells him that he will discuss the matter with him in a hunting trip alone.
I think Sahar’s voice is narrated by Samiha Ayoub.

Till we meet tomorrow night inshallah 

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