Friday, September 28, 2012

What about the Christians in Al Arish Mr. President !??

President Morsi stated in his meetings with the media as well Egyptian American community members during his visit to New York that Egyptian Christians suffer no mistreatment what so ever as religious minority in Egypt especially with the rise of Islamists in power.
“All Egyptians are one , all Egyptians are equal” Morsi told US media as well Egyptian Americans yesterday at the Egyptian consulate in New York on Wednesday yet unfortunately in 24 hours or even less he is proven to be wrong after what happened in Al Arish.
The Christian families in the city of Rafah have been receiving threats for some time now from alleged Jihadi Salafist militant groups that want them to leave Rafah. We thought back in Cairo that were just unreal threats but today I heard that militants opened their fire on a Christian shop owner forcing the families to head for the governor asking him to transfer them in Al Arish for their safety , the city capital of North Sinai. According to activists there were flyers distributed by those unknown militants claiming that Rafah now is an Islamic principality !! The families had to leave for fear on their safety and do not ask where the security is from all this because it seems that Sinai is out control !!

This is considered a forced displacement and it is not the first time it happens to Christian families unfortunately since the revolution or before that or in the era of President Morsi. Of course in the past the Christian families return to their homes after these sessions of talks between the elderly, church men , government and sheikhs in those areas they forced to leave. I do not know who will talk with Rafah militants this time !? The Salafists or Al Gama’a Al Islamiyya. 
This is another test you are failing constantly Mr. President , Christians do not feel that you are a president for all Egyptians.
President’s assistant Samir Marcus should do something quickly as well President’s advisors Ayman El Sayyad and Sakina Fouad, yes I mention them by name because I trust more than other member in the president team.
By the way I do understand the anger of Christians from those radical militants but I do not understand or can tolerate any racist comments about Egyptian Bedouin tribes. The Bedouin tribes suffer from those radical militants and the government more than the Christians and it is enough how  they are being regarded by the Egyptians from the valley. We will not solve intolerance by radicalism.
I will not also accept that talk about Palestinian invasion.
Ironically the e-MB committees in social media are all quiet after knowing that scandal in Sinai , they do not even speak about Amr Hamzawy’s controversial op-ed in Al Watan anymore !!


  1. you do not understand the anger of Christians from those radical militants!!!!!!?.. how come?..

  2. Your post needs fixing. According to EIPR Hossam Bahgat and Ishak Assad the families went to the governor for PROTECTION in Rafah. Governor's response was telling them to leave and go to Arish. When they said they have no place to stay in Arish, his response: Let the church find you a home there.

    Egypt's government and the radical militants: One Hand.

  3. instead of constantly blaming Morsi which I am really getting sick of hearing these days how about blaming the root of the problem MUBARAK!!!

    How in Gods name can Morsi manage to fulfill your dreams when Mubarak spent the last 30 years destroying every segment of society?
    For Gods sake enough with the constant negativity about Morsi. Tell me Zeinobia! lets put you in the chair tomorrow as president. Tell me your plan to fix the total collapse of the country. I want item by item and your plan of action and how you will measure and achieve your targets....

    1. I can help Zeinobia if she sat at the president chair tomorrow;
      1) Start with clarifying what is the relationship with Israel, is it peace? or ambiguous form the way it is now?
      2)Stop so called military aid need from the US
      3) Establish clear political format ; religion is between individual and God. Get out of it
      4) Support expanded farming industry
      5) start walking the technological road e.g. Japan, India, China pursued
      6) Expand (EXPAND) tourism (I can't say it louder)
      7) Tell Egyptian women wearing Higab or not is their own choice nothing to do with religion
      8) Help expanding education big time
      9) Keep peacfull relationship with all its neighbours,
      10) watch how Egypt progressed within 10 years!!!!?

  4. During Maspero Coptic Crusade invasion one of the Coptic demonstrator a woman cursed Islam and made fun of Islam. She is from Bir Sabaa in Nothern Sinai.
    The Copts want to throw all Muslims from Egypt.
    Morris Sadeq, Zaklama and Joseph Nasralla.
    The Copts 6% of population own 30% of industry.

    1. Maspero Coptic Crusade seriously !!? Well may be you did not live it except from TV stations. Mr. Sherif the copts do not want to throw all Muslims from Egypt but you are the one who want to throw all copts from Egypt. You are racist just like Morris Sadeq

    2. You are 100% on the point Zeinobia. People like Sherif and Sadeq, in the middle east and Egypt particularly, nead to learn to stop using religion like support for one football team against another; 'you are wrong and I am right', 'We are majority ,then we are right' .. let us fight and prove who is right, ..and so on. This is very very childish behaviour and a reflection on mass ignorance. It is very sad to compare Cairo today with Cairo during King Farouk time, where then, you find; 'Arminian quarter', 'Jewish Quarter', Greek Quarter ..etc. Similar to cities in US and Canada today, and people were engaged with each other during different cultural celebrations . This make you feel how sad Egypt today. Devilish authoroties use money and poverty of masses (I wouldn't use the term brainwash, but brain-dirt). Sad sad ..Egypt

    3. The Copts Satellites want to destroy Islam. They tell Egypt is ruled by the Mamaleeks,
      A million crusaders from the Governates of Al-Minya were on the way to Maspero to capture the Building. They were crying "JESUSD is ALLah".
      The Copts armies at Mapero killed the Army Soldier Muhamed Shatta. The criminal Copts with tremendous hatred and contempt to Islam burned the Miltary and police soldiers, For 12 days they were souting Egypt for Jesus and we are the true owners of Egypt.
      Copts convert Muslims to Christianity in their Satellites like Al-Tareeq and the Truth by Apostate Called Ahmed Abaza.
      The Copts call Muhamed child molester, thief, aulterer, possesed by devil, liar, fraud, criminal. Watch or satellite chanels, Watch the trailer "innocence of Muhamed.
      The Copts of Maspero were criminal crusaders who wanted to Capture the Maspero building and declare the Crusader Flipoateer as the new presuident of Egypt.
      Joseph Nasralla of Al-Tareeq was coordinating Coptic revolution in Egypt.
      In front of the Alexanderia Library was huge demonstration. Joseph Nasralla was calling on ATVSAT for Copts from all governates in Egypt to xome to Msspero.
      If this crusade was not ended very soon would have been half a million Copt demonstrators and would have been very bloody,
      If thesoldier in the military vehivle have stopped for a minute the Copts would have burned his vehcile and he was killed. He has no choice to try to escape fo rhis life even running over people.
      In cideo Clip a Copt juump over military vehicle and throw hug erock smashing the head of Army soldier bu hy huge rock.
      Muslim traitors in the media lionizing the crusaders.
      No Muslim wants to throw Copts out of Egypt but the Copts want to throw Muslims out of Egypt.
      When Morris Sadeq was on Al-Tareeq Satellite all the Copts callers on the Program were calling and encouraging him.
      One Copt caller from Cairo said:
      I am tired of La Ilaha Ilas Allah and Muhamed is zift Allah.
      The Copts of Maspero were hard core criminals so the Muslims who joined them.
      The true feeling of Copts towards Muslims and Islam as presented by Joseph Nasralla.

    4. It is very disgusting in order to discuss is to be personal.

  5. Zainobia you are Muslims hater.

    1. Million crusader from Miniya !?? Seriously Muslims hater !? Seriously I do not have any comment

    2. Tell Mr Sherif the 'wiseman' or at least that what you think, if I entered Saudi Arabia with a Porn book in my handbag I most likely would have no problem. What if I had abible in my handbag?? For sure they will throw it away (unless I am American Politician). Do you call that religion? believe? . For some Muslim one who turns to Christianity or judaism, what this has to do with your believe? Is is a religion or politiacl fight ? Us and them ?? this is the most childish mentality overwhelming the middle east and funded by your Salafy masters.

  6. There have never been any crusaders from Minya. Sherifview is either an uneducated simple mind who fell victim to Salafist propaganda or he is a Salafi heretic!
    Copts are Ahl al-Kitab. We have to protect them and we must respect them.
    What happened in Maspero was incited by Mubarak supporters and baltageyyah thugs. It was not a crusade!

  7. The Islamist. On ATVSAT satellite Joseph Nasralla was coordinating ten thousands of Copts to come by buses and trains to Maspero and join the Coptic revolution.
    Chants were Egypt for Christ.
    We are the original people of Egypt.
    Copts Ahl-El-Kitab shows you are an idiot.
    Copts believe God is Jesus. So they are Kafirs and Al-Quraan says that.
    Mubarak nonsense.
    The Copts on their satellite televisions say Islam and Allah fro Satan.
    Calling Maspero was the third crusade shows how idiotic.
    Watch this video and see how much the Copts hate Islam and claim Egypt ruled by Mamallek.
    of joesph Nasrallah.
    During Salah El-Deen El-Ayoobi the Copts of Minya sent an army to fight Salah El-deen and join the crusaders to invade Egypt. Salah El-Deen destroyed them.
    The Copts at Maspero rioted for 12 days and said we will not be leaving.
    No country will allow this.
    You are deceiver.
    What happened in Maspero was incited by Mubarak supporters and baltageyyah thugs
    You are talking like drunk crazy.

  8. You ignorant.
    You are entitled to your views I am entitled to mine.
    You guys are fake and do not believe any one who has opposite view he has the right to express them until you act like an attack dog.
    on the Coptic Satellite Al-Tareeq the Way there liv evideo of thousands of Copts in Minya raising the crosses and shouting Ysooh howa Allah heading to trains and busses going to Cairo and Maspero.

    The Copts want to convert Muslims.


  9. Jack Atallah Egyptian Copt leader describing Muhamed as a thief and evil:
    تدمير وسرقة ونهب كانهم فى غزوة من غزوات رسولهملمجموعة من الجياع الارهابيين التى تكره مجرد سماع سيرة القبطى فمابالك وجوده كجارونشاطه وجده بالعمل التجارى فقط حيث اغلقت امامه كل ابواب الرزق الاخرى و تم التمييزضده بكل المجالات بوطنه الاصيل والان يسعون لاغلاق اخر موارد رزقه الخلال ليطفش اويؤسلم عنوة ايهما اسرع و بوسائل منحطة كالسرقة و الارهاب والقتل بدون واعز من ضميراو ايقاف بقانون ومحاسبة للسراق اللصوص


  11. The Islamist
    Uneducated man?
    I know more than you one thousand time.
    Who is General Muallam Yakoub of Samalout Al-Minya who formed army brigade to fight with Napolean Bonaparte. Later he chased the Mamaleek in southern Egypt trying to kill them.
    In his earlier career he was employed by the Mamaleek to collect taxes.
    After the French departure fro Egypt he fled with them and he died on the ship back to France.
    His was corpse was not thrown in the Mediteranian as tradition but was burried in France.
    The Copts are the most sworn haters of Islam in the whole world.


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