Wednesday, October 10, 2012

And who let the camels out !? "Updated"

As if we need more depressing news , sorry shocking news per day !!
This evening the court has acquitted all the defendants in the battle of the camel case from all charges. Yes after nearly two years all the 24 defendants  in the case including Safwat El Sherif , Fathi Sorour and Abu El Einin and Ragab Hamida !!
According to the reasoning of the court headed by Judge Hassan Abdullah , the witnesses can not be trusted because of them are the political opponents of the defendants !! Judge Abdullah only trusted the testimony of  former General Hassan El Roueini , the former commander of the Central zone who claimed that he had not see any dead body in Tahrir square.
Officially 11 were killed and 2000 were injured in this horrible attack that was filmed by almost the whole world and Judge Abdullah only trusted the testimony of Hassan El Roueini!!?? History is being forged.
I can not believe it !! I am so angry. Who killed those protesters ?? Who gave the orders to the riders of Nazlat El Saman ?? Who brought the broken ceramic plates to the assailants ??
The public prosecutor has appealed the court order and issued a statement about the verdict. Already the public prosecution office is under fire as it is being blamed for giving the court weak evidence to support the case against those defendants. The prosecution office is defending itself and announced through an unnamed source to MENA that it is not responsible for the investigations of the battle of the camel. It turned out that the minister of justice then “I will check who he was” gave orders to Cairo Appeal Cairo to assign a magistrate to investigate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everybody is blaming them including presidency indirectly ,  Muslim brotherhood and some political figures in Egypt already.
You must know that Mubarak regime remnants are extremely happy for this verdict because not only their masters are acquitted but also they found a golden opportunity to prove their sick claims that the Muslim brotherhood were the ones behind the shooting of the protesters !!! Many of the defendants spoke to the talk shows tonight in triumph , many of them are corrupted bastards !!
Anyhow I think this court order will give a push to the protest planned for next Friday. Already the Muslim brotherhood members said that they protest in order to oust the public prosecutor as well to purge the judiciary. Many political groups are going to participate as well including April 6th Youth movement "Ahmed Maher's movement". I will write a post about it.
Already there were tens of protesters in Tahrir square protesting the verdict.
Breaking : acquiting the murderer and executing the camel
Just a reminder , here is a short  clip by Mosireen for the Battle of the Camel in its anniversary last February 2012 to refresh your memory in case you forget.
The Camel Battle 2011
Here is a collection of videos from that night.

I am extremely furious.
Seriously I agree with those who said that the only official who got a true fair trial is Omar Sulieman who is now between the hand of the Almighty The justice , among the names of ِ Allah " Our God" in Islam is Justice  and Justice is not served in Egypt by all measures , it is only served in the other world.
Here is a collection of reactions from Egyptian politicians from left to right.


  1. Thanks,Z. for your always timely,accurate and opinionated updates on happenings in Egypt. I very much appreciate them. Jim

  2. Ahahahaha, what revolution? 1000+ people died for nothing. What a waste. Enjoy your Ikhwani Rule.

  3. That was never a revolution for the people of Egypt
    It was for the dirty opportunists and hypocrites
    Well, you did leave Tahrir square in 11 Feb. ----> You got what you deserved for a 1/2 Revolution.

  4. IN egypt and other countries the Muslims are effected by other religions, these should be avoided,

    1. or Islam should be avoided, because Egypt and all Muslim states are failures

  5. So in agreement with you over this - it defies all logic.
    For a judge to say that he doesn't trust someone's witness to crime, he is calling that person(s) out as a liar(s). If he is not prepared to hold them in 'contempt of court' for submitting false accusations, than surely he should submit their witness as evidence. Otherwise, if I were one of those so greatly insulted and called a liar by the judge and publicly, I would do everything to bring this false labeling of 'liar' to bare.
    Why would anyone on horse or camel charge through a crowd such as was gather at Tahrir that day. It's insane! Surely if they had come across the crowds, logic would have dictated to them that they would head in another direction as everyone in Egypt was knowing full well what state Tahrir and the people in it. It had been all over the news and everywhere since #Jan25!
    And by film clips of the incidents, those on horses were charging, they were at no stage trying to calm down their animals. Why on earth would you head into that crowd if you didn't have to? You wouldn't! You would do all you could to take your animals away from that area. And why did these driver laden animals get all the way to where anti-regime protesters were before starting their charge? Those animals were not bothered by people otherwise the charging would have happened while they were making their way through the pro-regime supporters. So many logical questions, so many unanswered! The insults delivered to the people of Egypt today, yesterday and on the occasion of Mubarak's, sons and cohorts trail is unforgivable.


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