Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Heading to #Maspero , one year later "Updated"

Hundreds expected to reach to thousands are to show up now in the rallies heading from Shubra as well Kasr Al Nil to Maspero building to commemorate the first anniversary of Maspero massacre.
Hundreds are already there "Heba Salah"
People began to arrive in the scene "Al Mogaz"
People are chanting against SCAF and Hamdy Badeen demanding justice for the martyrs instead of honoring them.

The flag of Mina Daniel is there flying up in the air. 

Can you see Daniel's flag ? "Sara El Sirgany"

Another close up of the flag
BY Eman Al Hossany
Traffic is already like hell in the area, it is preferable to take the metro.
These sun boats replicas will advance the rallies in tribute to the martyrs.
By @tweetthawra
Here is the procession preceding the rally featuring girls wearing ancient Egyptian customs while holding the photos of Maspero's martyrs.
By Basil El Dabh
Interestingly the Maspero "National TV building" has been evacuated from its employees since 1:30 PM today for fear of clashes.There are huge security measures outside and inside the building.

By the way the famous Dawaran Shubra has turned in to another amazing Graffiti exhibiting paying respect to our martyrs in the Egyptian revolution.

Update @ 11:07 PM

What started as a protest made of hundreds ended by not less 15,000 protesters in front of Maspero in one of the biggest rallies Cairo witnessed after the presidential elections. The protest included Muslims, Christians, elderly, youth, children , women and men. people would join the rally while it was heading to Maspero. It is worth to mention whenever there was an Azan , all the chants and hymns were stopped.
The rally stopped at Ahram Press cooperation building as usual where the protesters attacked Al Ahram Newspaper chanting “Here are the liars , here are the liars”.
Many activists and prominent figures participated in the protest including Khaled Said’s mother. Amazingly Ultras’ martyr in Port Said Karim Khozam was participating in the protest too. Alaa Seif who was once arrested and accused of attacking army soldiers during the Maspero clashes was also there along with baby son Khaled who was born during his father’s detention.
The sister of Mina Daniel , Mary fainted at Maspero when she arrived , I can imagine why. The families of the martyrs were overwhelmed.
Salafyo Costa , a revolutionary group of Salafists that is more open on other political groups especially from Non Islamists participated amazingly today. Already they had their own rally from Kasr Al Nil to Maspero. Salafyo Costa already declared today as a mourning day changing their famous logo to one with Mina Daniel’s face.
The protesters chanted against SCAF’s members especially against Tantawy, Anan and Badeen demanding their trial and eve their execution. “The people want to execute the field marshal” chant is back again. The protesters also chant against the Muslim brotherhood and President Morsi like “Morsi , where are the rights of the protesters ?” and “ Down with the supreme guide rule”. This made the supporters and members of Muslim brotherhood attack the rally and the protesters especially the Christians online in a very bad stupid way.
“ Morsi did not kill those protesters and their church honored SCAF members , they elected Shafik, what they do want now !??” are only examples of what has been said online by MB members and supporters.
The protesters kicked out the correspondents of Al Manar TV because of its support to El Assad regime. Also journalist and activist Rasha Azab kicked out former MP Mohamed Abu Hamed.
Mosireen showed their documentary on the walls of Maspero.
April 6th Youth movement organized another similar protest in Minya , Upper Egypt.
By the way I think I should mention the parties and movements supported the protest , at least those I know : The Constitution party , Strong Egypt , Masr El Horreya,Free Egyptians Party , Egyptian Social Democratic Party.
The protest lifted the spirit of many people including me , the revolutionary street is still there. I am proud of my people for real.
Now here is a photo gallery for photos from the rally which I could not join as I had an appointment with my doctors. These photos were taken by Zadokite

Dear Israa El Taweel is uploading her photos from the rally , beautiful photos too.

 Here is another photo gallery from Sarah Carr.

Here is a video clip showing part of the rally , it is not that good.
Part of the Maspero rally
Heba Shalaby also broadcasted live videos from the rally.
Now Simon Hanna from Ahram Online made this amazing video for the rally.

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