Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Even if there were Martians in #Sinai , it is not an Excuse

President Morsi’s spokesperson Yasser Ali had a meeting with 5 journalists last week including a dear friend.

Yasser Ali spoke about the security issue in Sinai , the big enigma that other than the Presidency , army and intelligence nobody in Egypt understands what is going on there.

Ali claimed that the current militant groups in Sinai “allegedly Jihadist Salafists” where actually supported and incited by none other than Syrian intelligence and Hezbollah as well Fatah’s Dahlan because of Morsi’s support to the revolution in Egypt

For days I have been thinking about what Ali claimed to these journalists, it is easy to blame El Assad but there are certain facts :

  • Self appointed leader of Jihadist Salafism in Egypt and brother of No.1 wanted man in the world aka Mohamed El Zawahiri claims that he can reach to a deal between the Egyptian State and the Jihadist Salafist militant groups in Sinai. I think he knows well if they are supported by Syrian regime or not and he claims that he got some power on them , so I do not know whether we are speaking about Al Qaeda / Salafist Jihad or what.
  • According to activists on the ground these are militant groups with extreme radical ideas similar to Takfir wal Hijra that considers the Muslim brotherhood as an infidel group so I do not see how such radical Islamist Sunni militant group will be affiliated that easily to Hezbollah.
  • Some security analysts in Egypt speak that these militants did not suddenly appear but there have been growing in force in Sinai in the past 9 years.
  • We know nothing about the military operation taking place in Sinai to the level that some even wonder if it exists at all !!

Of course in the backstage there is nothing called impossible.

I do not care about whether these groups are supported by El Assad or by Iran or by Mossad or by the gangreen gang or even by Martians , what I care about is how these militants seem to control Sinai and the army , our Egyptian army got no control on them. The Camp David treaty is not an excuse either when you have special forces you claim to be one of the most strongest special forces in the regime, when you have a true well to enforce your sovereignty.

It is humiliation.

There is no use to found a Central Sinai governorate when there is no real state control in Sinai itself for God sake.

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