Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#EgyPornBan : Now It is possible !!

Public prosecutor Abdel Maguid Mahmoud , the most hated man by Islamists currently has ordered today the ban of all Porn websites in Egypt !!!! 
This decision is based upon an old administrative court order issued in 2009 to ban all porn websites in the country. In 2009 minister of information was sued by Islamist lawyer Nazar Ghorab in order to ban porn websites. After the revolution it seems that there is some Islamist campaign called "Pure.Net" against Porn websites calling for the porn websites ban. 
Abdel Maguid Mahmoud decided to ban all porn websites in Egypt after his meeting with the members of that campaign. "He got time to meet Pro-Vice groups and yet he ignores corruption cases piling on his desk !!"
I do not like porn websites and disapprove them but I think this decision technically has no use because there is something called proxy.
Speaking about technical aspects , Minister of telecommunication Hany Mahmoud said in last September 2012 that it was technically impossible to block porn websites in Egypt !! Some say that it will cost Egypt actually $50 million !!
Of course some believe that no not all people know proxy which is true but I am quite surprised on how Abdel Maguid Mahmoud has turned now in to a hero among Islamists. 


  1. Not all people know how to break a proxy. That's true! But a simple page on facebook can teach all these who don't know how to. Either this or Egyptians will return back to the old days of exchanging CDs and Hard disks. Realistically, This is just on paper, and would not affect more than 10% of porn viewers at best.

  2. I discovered that some relatives which they are '10:13' open adult content websites from their own laptop.
    a huge percent of porn websites visitors are reaching them through google, They don't know a specific websites,
    I don't except that they can use proxy to open them, at least children won't do this.

  3. In my opinion the point that needs to be focussed here is not the porn issue. The question is if you belive it to be wise that Egypt starts censoring the internet and blocking websites. Now they are talking about porn websites. Next will be offences to religion. Then it will be harming national interests. Then criticism of the president. If you start blocking internet pages you go on a very dangerous path that might well end with the chinese version of a free internet. And just ask yourself in whos interest that might be...

    That is the point here and that is why you should be aginst such measures - whether you think it is ok to watch porn or not.

  4. Perhaps you should pass a law that if you are caught using a proxy to view porn then you should be buried to the neck and stoned; or have a wall toppled upon you; or be hurled from a parapet. Aren't those sanctioned in sharia for various sex-related transgressions?

  5. When I hear Zeinobia say "I think this decision technically has no use because there is something called proxy" and خالد11/08/2012 05:03:00 AM say "Realistically, This is just on paper, and would not affect more than 10% of porn viewers at best" I hear you all whistleing past the graveyard.

    The problem isn't that sharia threatens to your porn. It threatens to your Internet.


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