Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Most Retweeted Tweet in history

Congratulations to the democrats and the rest of the Americans. Hard luck to the Republicans.
Hopefully these upcoming 4 years would be better for not only the Americans but for the rest of the world.Of course in  bad times we should remember that it could be worse if we had Romney.
Lesson learned from US Presidential elections 2012 : DO not pissed women with your party’s members’ stupid statements.


  1. Time to sanction and cut ties with the rogue pariah state of Israel now. Enough is enough. Time to teaqch them a lesson they never forget because obviously Hitler didn't make any impression on them except teach them how to build and run a concentration camp! Time for the only nation left now supporting these lunatics to stop. We the world have had enough torture and misery caused by Israel.

    It's time for Obama to cut them loose.

    Payback time? Israelis wonder what Obama victory will mean for Netanyahu


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