Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kafr El Sheikh’s doggy affair : Who let the dogs out !?

On Sunday we watched this shocking video showing military police dispersing a gathering of angry citizens trying to meet the governor of Kafr El Sheikh Saad El Hosiny during a visit in Al Burullus Port in the governorate using K-9 dogs !! Yes dogs in some scene we would not imagine to see ever after the revolution !!!!!
On the same night Kafr El Sheikh's governor spokesperson said that those who are responsible for sorrowful incident are the military police soldiers and officers  protecting the governor and that they are being investigated.
Now today Tuesday we find our army’s spokesperson Ahmed Ali releasing a statement on Facebook claiming that it is untrue that military police participated in the incident and that there are no dogs in the units of military police !! “There are no snipers”
Colonel Ali continued claiming that after a fight between the supporters and opponents of the governor , the port’s manager asked the Borders guards’ checkpoint to rescue the governor.. ok what is coming is even beyond imagination.
According to Col. Ahmed’s statement the borders guards ran to save the governor and in their tail a stray dog that was already in the checkpoint seeking food. That stray dog went made when it saw the crowd and decided to attack the people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do not see any stray dog in the video , in fact I see a solider holding the chain of evil big K9 terrorizing the people.
Ironically on last Sunday  Saad El Hosiny’s office issued a statement on his official Facebook saying that the governor was extremely upset from the incident and he ordered the officers in the port to get that dog out !!!!!!
Now Huston we got huge problem here. If Col. Ali and the army lied at first believing that no one will bust their lies because they do not know that there is a video filming the incident, it is a a big disaster.
If Col. Ali and the army did not know there is a video at all and in good intentions they believed their men back in Kafr El Sheikh and did not look to the governor's story, then we have even bigger disaster when the commandership of the Egypt’s army can not get its facts straight after 48 hours of the incident !!  Now I am extremely terrified not only on Sinai but

Update :

Colonel Ali issued another statement on Facebook saying that:
  • There was borders guards unit involved in the incident.
  • There was a dog involved the in the incident too and that dog was not stray but rather privately owned by one of the officers in that unit. That officer is being investigated.
  • The army is admitting that there is something wrong and misinformation they received.
As I said Huston we got a problem. Of course one must wonder : What if there is no video and such incident took place !?
There are lots of problems in Kafr El Sheikh as governorate. Despite the Muslim brotherhood is not that popular there according presidential elections there, Morsi appointed leading MB members Saad El Hosiny as its governor.
Kafr El Sheikh voted for Hamdeen Sabbahi in the first round of the elections. Hamdeen comes from Kafr El Sheikh and he is extremely popular there along with his party and Popular Current . For any analyst what Morsi did from appointed El Hosiny as a governor is an attempt by the MB to control this governorate. According to tips I got from friends already El Hosiny has appointed several MB members in key positions in the governorate.
It is worth to mention that Morsi appointed MB governors in the governorates that did not vote for him like in Sharkia and Monufia.
Back to the doggy political affair in front of us , well El Hosiny will pay for this move and despite the army is guilty and involved this move will affect his image among fishermen and citizens in Kafr El Sheikh who do not have Facebook accounts to read his status or the status of armed forces .


  1. I detest whenever dogs are used for violent purposes. Using dogs in any military capacity is especially morally wrong. Dogs have evolved alongside man as a helpmate and friend for 40,000 years. They serve us out of love and loyalty, and to use them for purposes so blatantly opposite to those virtues is an obscenity.

  2. thanks for sharing.


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