Tuesday, December 11, 2012

From #Al-Zawahiri to #Abu-Ismail : Lead the revolution !!!

Ayman Al Zawahiri has just sent a video message to the new leader of the revolution in Egypt Hazem Salah Abu Ismail !!

Complete the revolution , fight the corrupted , liberate Egypt from American Israeli fellowship and stand for Sharia along your followers through incitement !!!

Ironically Ayman Al Zawahiri considers the current rulers are corrupted and he does not mention Morsi at all as if he is insignificant person !!!

I do not know if it is a game or what !? You know Abu Ismail trashes the current regime online so the current Islamist regime appears moderate for the West !!

I know the theological and political difference between Al Qaeda and MB . Still I cannot forget the fact Al Zawahiri’s uncle was a leading member in the MB and Ayman Al Zawahiri’s future went upside down when he was arrested in 1960s and brutally tortured in Nasser’s jails for the suspicion of being a Muslim brotherhood member. It is also worth to mention that Abu Ismail was a member in the Muslim brotherhood but left the group because he had a great ambition as you can tell.


  1. On the contrary, Al-Zawahri posted a video not long ago thanking D. Morsi for his speech in the UN defending profit Mohammad, and another video after D. Morsi's speech in Iran, and another video directing Islamists to address D. Morsi as president not khalif. videos are still on You Tube.

  2. You mentioned Abu Ismail had a great ambition. His mother too, she wanted to be an American citizen and was quite successful.
    The key issue here is ambition. Religion is only a tool in the Middle East because it resonates well with the masses.

  3. Ahavat Eretz Israel12/11/2012 02:09:00 PM

    So: Abu Ismail and his Salafeen take orders from terrorists

  4. when a religion (any religion) rears its ugly head in a government, democracy flies out of the window...it is about time for true democarcy to take roots in egypt,freedom of choice ,freedom of thinking and not be bound by religious dogma.
    then egypt will flower ,move forward and join the free and civil world...and not take egypt back to medieval ages.


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