Tuesday, December 11, 2012

#MediaCity_Sitin : This does not look good

For days now hundreds of extremists and conservatives are having at sit in at Media city in October City. These extremists led by Salafists “Mainly Salafist Front” as it seems and Hazem Abu Ismail are claiming that they want to purge the media !!!
“To purge the media” actually is actually underestimating to what these guys want. They want to close the channels and punish those TV presenters who are against Sharia and Islam. You got the most radical chants and the most scariest slogans that would make investors and tourists think twice to come to this country.
Today we find the protesters at that sit in butchering a calf distributing its meat to the protesters. “Actually I consider a way to attract the poor to get free meat” 
Meat in Media city sit in
The calf’s price is expensive and yet you find the MB and Salafists claim that the protesters in Tahrir and Presidential Palace’s sits in are enjoying gourmet foods !!
Strangely nobody speaks about the amount of lies spread in the Salafist channels like El Hafez and the MB official channel "Misr 25” !!
Ironically that Sit in is led by none other than Egypt’s Jim Jones aka Hazem Salah Abu Ismail , whom without the media exposure and interview provided by TV private channels he would not be that known and famous !!

Sleepy Hazem today at the siege !!
Here is a video shot in the morning showing the protesters doing some exercises around the city and do not ask me why !?

Some smart people will say , ok Zeinobia : what about the Ultras siege to the media city ? Well I will say that in perfect world I will refuse both sieges but I understand more the motives of the Ultras boys and their broken heart on their friends then these extremists.
I know I will be preached about those TV hosts like Amr Adeeb and Lamis El Hadidy and their past and stances from former regime and the revolution but freedom of expression is clear and if a single hair from Lamis’ head is touched , tomorrow my head will be touched.
I know that Egypt’s position from Press Freedom index unfortunately is going from bad to worse to worst when it comes to safety. Yes we attack President Morsi like no other but now we are worried on the reporters and journalists’ safety.

Update :

I found this video for the followers of the radical crazy guy Abdullah Badr “who supports President Morsi madly” are vowing to attack Bassem Youssef because he dared and mocked Badr

I do not know if I should wonder where the police is. Of course I know the counter argument that protesters are having sits in at Tahrir square and presidential palace plus this freedom of expression. It is an irony because these people do not believe at in freedom of expression and are actually protesting
This is not good.

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  1. Well I live about 5 minutes drive from Media City and I will report as I find without the drama. I am not MB or Salafist but foreigner by the way. The Media sit in has caused absolutely no problem at all here. No traffic problems and the numbers are small. They are feeding their protesters and are actually in the middle of constructing a block of about 5 toilets where they can go to the toilet and wash themselves. A brick build toilet block with plumbing. At least they are non violent and not obstructing traffic and fighting with police etc like the opposition are. The sending thing is they are quiet and the compounds surrounding them are not bothered by noise or inconvenience. I know because I live in one of them. The toilet block is also when they leave and all this is over is going to be used by Egyptians on the Wahat road to use as they always stop on this stretch of the road for sunset prayers and there is no facility for them to wash and use the toilet so in fact this is one good thing also to come of their sit in. Now the truck drivers can use the toilet block they are building instead of the highway!. I'd rather have these protesters I have to say with their sit in next to my compound that the opposition thugs throwing molotovs and burning down schools and graffiti'ing every wall they see!


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