Friday, December 21, 2012

Like President Like Public Prosecutor

Just like the president who appointed him , Talaat Abdullah Egypt’s current public prosecutor decided to withdraw on Thursday his resignation which he presented to the supreme council of judiciary last Monday.

Now according to sources Abdullah was convinced by the Muslim brotherhood judges/ “Judges for Egypt” to withdraw his resignation. He claimed that he decided to withdraw the resignation to preserve the respect of his position !!! He also added that he was forced to resign by a small a group of district attorneys !! Suddenly he discovered this on Thursday !!!!

Ironically on Monday he told Al Hayat Al Youm TV show live that he resigned to preserve the respect of that position !!

To be honest I did not have high hopes when I heard that he will resign after Sunday.

Before you waste your time giving me lecture about how great Abdullah is “Please check his record in Bahrain’s uprising” , you must understand that I will not accept after the revolution a public prosecutor appointed by Morsi who interferes in the work of the district attorneys.


  1. YOU may not accept it in your revolutionary mind of yours but the fact on the ground is to put up and shut up. Ikhwan will not leave unless blood is shed. Egyptians and Arabs have not paid enough blood for freedom. And then you post stuff on twitter saying the fighting is depressing and revolutionaries started today's fight lol.

    Blood must be spilled. It is the only way. Get used to it. The traitors must be killed.

    1. Dear Zeinobia, now being called a revolutionary is an insult! As far as shut up, this is exactly what the Ikhwan want and if they win, you probably won't be able to blog any more.


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