Friday, January 18, 2013

#18/1 : #UA07 is Warming up for #26/1

Thousands of Ultras fans “Ultras Ahlawy and Ultras Devils” are currently protesting in Tahrir square after marching in Cairo today to remind people with the upcoming Port Stadium clashes trial on next January 26/1.

It is expected that New Cairo Criminal Court will issue its final verdict in the Port Said Stadium clashes trial on that day. You must expect huge anger in both Cairo and Port Said as we are speaking about 74 people mostly from youth , from Ultras Ahlawy were killed in that awful tragedy.

Today the chants of the Young Ultras members who were joined by martyrs’ mothers as well and Pro-Revolution Protesters whether in marches from El Sayida Zeinab to Tahrir square or from El Ahly Club to Tahrir Square or from Shubra or Ramsis.

The chants were clear just like the Ultras A07 and Ultras Devils’ statements on Facebook : Justice or retribution.

I said this since day one , the Ultras boys will get their vengeance from Port Said if the legal system does not help them and it will be extremely ugly. Egyptians X Egyptians in the end of the day. The Ultras doctrine for Retribution is simple : An Eye for an eye. In the best case scenarios I fear there will be clashes with Police on that day and the worst case scenarios will be clashes directly with The Port Said’s Al Masry Ultras group “Green Eagles”

Despite some are waiting for what may happen on Next 25 January as much as everybody is anticipating what will happen on next 26 January after the Ultras Port Said Massacre. The “26-1” graffiti already has been spreading for weeks now in Cairo and other governorates as well. One of my friends saw it on the walls of the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis before it was removed.

Unfortunately the defendants in the case will be acquitted thanks to the very poor evidence gathered.

One of my contacts in Ultras Devils told me that the Ultras groups are furious that the ministry of interior and the Football federation decided to start the Premier league in Egypt on February 1, 2013 in a direct provocation for Ahly Ultras group. The first anniversary for the horrifying clashes that ended with the death of 74 young men is on that day !! It is provocation like no other. Even for normal Egyptians I feel that is disrespect to those young men , boys to be correct.

Already according to info I got Some members are actually thinking of attacking the Stadium and torching it down and based on past record of Ultras , I say that they are capable of doing it. We are speaking about thousands of young hardcore fanatics who are capable of organizing themselves like no other in clashes in no time.

I am worried about these young men.


  1. Good for them. The Egyptian state needs to die a thousands deaths. Burn this shithole to the ground. None of this peaceful "selmeya" crap that got us nowhere except the ikhwan.

    Mubarak and his regime left when there was violence on the streets. The state only understands brute force. This must be the start of an armed revolution.

    May the ultras kill many police on that day. A.C.A.B

    1. Also, as I said from day one, the revolutionaries need to create an underground assassins group. We could easily be trained by old veterans who are disgruntled. Kill all the senior traitors of the muslim brotherhood, army, police, and corrupt NDP.

      Cleanse this country from the zionists once and for all.

      Work our way through from Safwat el Hegazhy to Tantawy and everyone in between.

      Unfortunately, Z still thinks that everything has to be peaceful and we can do protests and sit ins.. ahahhaha. Fuck tahrir square. It is a burnt card. No more asking for rights. Take it by force. It is the only way unfortunately.


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