Thursday, January 10, 2013

#Alexandria and its cloudy Sky

Alexandria is having its worst days as usual in the Winter with all these storms and rain turning its streets as big sea yet as it is a beautiful city , you can find beauty in these cloudy stormy moments.
Here is a beautiful time lapse video showing the stormy clouds of Alexandria by Mohamed Ahmed Aboud.

It is beautiful.
The Weather is extremely cold and rainy unlike last year or the year before. The elderly believe rain is the start of welfare as we are originally agricultural society. Yet my generation believe that rain is like bless and curse at the same time considering our poor and old infrastructure not to mention our homeless and chanty towns people.
People are sharing streets that like dirty ponds but one photo stands among all the photos.
The simple Oranges street vendor protects his donkey from rain.


  1. I wonder how many of the not poor Egyptians and MB and Salafists and general public would have stopped what they were doing when they saw that man and go over to him and say what a beautiful thing he was doing.
    A person to person contact of one Egyptian telling a poor merchant how proud he was to see him to that to his donkey.
    Maybe we need to be telling each other more things we see that inspire us and make us feel human rather than daily criticising and moaning about each other. It is a beautiful photo. Thank you for highlighting it and it's very powerful message.

  2. This weather would indeed be a beautiful metaphor if it stands for positive things to come. I hope Egyptians seek for it from within themselves. I agree with AM on this :)

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. very nice photos......


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