Tuesday, January 15, 2013

#Badrashin crash : One Way ticket indeed .. to death !!

And in less than two months , we have another horrifying train crash. This time it is in Badrahsin and the trains are freight train and Conscripts train coming from Upper Egypt !!
According to official Ministry of health statement 19 were killed and over 100 were injured. Mostly from young conscripts who finished their training in the Central Security forces، the passengers came from Miniya heading back to Cairo so they would be assigned to their new locations in the CSF.
It is not the first time Badrashin witnesses a train crash.  In fact historically this could be the third time it happens in this area !!!
Here is a horrifying testimony form the survivors

The conscripts are reporting that there were 1200 conscripts squeezed in the train and that they were extremely mistreated by the high rank conscripts of the ministry of interior.There is no light in the train nor bathroom. 6 conscripts are being seated in one place when the train seats takes two only !! According to eye witnesses locals and survivors helped the injured.

Here is a photo gallery from Jonathan Rashad who took amazing sad shot , dear friend Lina Al Wardani and Shahab El Din from the location. The conscripts train is not a military one but rather a civilian one according to Colonel Ahmed Ali and that those conscripts were following the the ministry of interior and not the defense.   The sad irony that shows the true government failure in Egypt is how the PM , our current PM sent his condolences to the ministry of defense early this morning as he thought the victims  were army conscripts where as the ministry of defense sent its condolence to the ministry of interior because the victims were CSF conscripts !! The cabinet takes its info from the internet as it seems. 
No communication or information what so ever !! This is in disaster time !! Can you imagine in decision making process !!!?
It is said that PM Qandil tried to visited the location but failed after he was kicked out of Badrashin by angry locals. He visited later the injured in Maadi military hospital along with the minister of defense.
Nevertheless the Conscripts trains are usually the worse when it comes to quality. The conscripts already complained in Upper Egypt from its constant problems. It reportedly broke down in several stops.
As usual the ministry of the social insurance decided to issue a compensation to the victims : LE 15,000 to the dead and LE 2000 to the injured. The prime minister raised the compensation as usual.
Now I can not believe the Muslim brotherhood supporters who are claiming that this is a deliberate accident planned by the opposition specifically by the National Salvation front !!! I am not speaking about a small time members but big mouth members like pathetic Ahmed El Mogheer who demands the public prosecutor to investigate the front !! El Mogheer also believes that there is a deliberate plot against the Upper Egyptians who support Morsi !!
MB points out to a conspiracy against Morsi !! "Ghost3amr"

The only evidence those pathetic losers got apparently is how fast ONTV Live transferred a live broadcast from Badrashin train crash !!!!!!!!!!! Well ONTV Live did what any other channel should do especially those channels in the Media city in October , they can sent a camera and correspondent in no time to Badrashin for God sake. Already those idiots forgot that ONTV was sold to a Tunisian Media tycoon who is not related to the National Salvation Front !!
Sadly those idiots did not pay attention to the fact that ONTV Live and other reporters and journalists reached to the crash site before the ambulance !!!
Already I do not understand how on earth the Egyptian TV aired a comedy film last night and only announcing the news in the news bar
A group of activists and protesters in Cairo and Alexandria are thinking of blocking the railways in both governorates to protest against the failure of the Egyptian state railways. 
Update : The locals in Badrashin blocked the railways to protest against the frequent train accidents The survivors from the new conscripts are reporting sad and disgusting treatment. They are humans dear ministry of interior for God sake !!


  1. 30 years of Mubarak is to blame.
    How anyone can blame the MB over the state of the country and it's infrastructure and lack of education and health service and rescue services is beyond me.
    The one to blame is the man lying in the same Ma'adi hospital eating Four Seasons take away food!
    The ex president of Egypt who has totally destroyed every single sector of Egypt.

    It would take God himself to take control of the mess left behind by Mubarak and fix it. To spend day after day blaming everything on the MB or Morsi just proves how Mubarak destroyed the brains and reasoning capabilities of Egyptians.
    I'd love to see El Baradei take the Presidents chair for 100 days and see what miracles he could perform.
    30 years of Mubarak and all that aid and all the money and how much exactly did he leave in the countries reserves? Tell me Zenobia?
    How much cash was there left the day he went into Tora after being president for 30 years?

  2. Egyptians for all their ignorance and backwardness deserve the mess they are in. Their lives are so cheap it is almost laughable if it wasn't so sad and pathetic.

    I am so glad I have a second foreign passport from a respectable country not a shithole. There isn't one person I know who has the means to leave Egypt that is not taking that chance. Leave it to the ignorant peasants and their islamist overlords.

    I will bet you anything that the families of those who died and got injured voted for Islamists and WILL AGAIN vote for them next time. Ignorant peasants. No wonder the poor in Egypt have so many kids, you need like 5 because most likely a few will die from negligence and stupidity in everyday life.


    1. Egypt became less of a s***hole once you left. I'm not happy with the way things are going now, but I will wait a while longer before I judge Morsi's government. Right now I judge for what they are actually responsible for. But these tracks and roads were built under Mubarak- you cannot blame Morsi for this

    2. and all because of Mubarak and his family and mafia and 30 years of theft and torture and greed.................
      Mubarak is to blame and before him Sadat and before him Nasser.

      60 years of army men who know nothing of the world or politics or civilians or anything!

    3. Transportation Minister Hatem Abdel Latif on Tuesday said he is “politically responsible” for the train wreck in the Badrashin district of Giza Monday that claimed the lives of 17 central security recruits and injured 117 others.

      Abdel Latif stressed that he would not resign, as he was only appointed 10 days ago.

      "This is an old inheritance. But as an official I'm also politically responsible,” the minister said in an interview on privately owned Mehwar Channel. “The decaying situation that we have reached is a result of old accumulations.” He added that he holds the former Mubarak regime responsible for the incident.

      Abdel Latif said he is developing a plan for the maintenance and development of railway crossings, emphasizing that he would exert every effort to protect the lives of Egypt’s citizens.

      The Transportation Ministry is open to suggestions on how to improve the railway system, Abdel Latif said, mentioning that it has already received suggestions from youths.

      When asked why poor people are more prone to fatalities in train wrecks, Abdel Latif said trains have a specific structure with varying seat classes, each of which have different maintenance standards. He stressed that the current railway system is an “old inheritance” from the Mubarak regime and said the Cabinet would try to reform its dismal conditions.

      The president’s office has announced that President Mohamed Morsy has ordered a review of existing plans for the railway sector and the submission of an operational plan to the national railway authority by next Saturday. The review will address the railway maintenance system and progress on the reconstruction and development of crossings, according to the office.

      The announcement came after a meeting between Morsy, Prime Minister Hesham Qandil, the local development and transportation ministers, and the chairman of the national railway authority.

      Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

    4. no one deserves this. PLEASE. Don't be cynical. And it is false to blame all this on Mubarak. The Muslim Brotherhood doesn't differ much from the old times, in terms of economic policies.

  3. It is sad, sad, sad. The most impoverished kids, the most miserable, slaves of illiteracy, and the victims of decades of an elite who are more concerned about a neighbor who lost a piece of land then about their own compatriots who live in misery.

    The elite that want to fight wars using these miserable beings, forcing and coercing them into riding these trains and worse that is not seen.

    This is not the first, and will not be the last disaster with all the sadness and shame.

    It is unfortunate that this scenario will continue from one disaster to another until the elite look inward to their miserable neighbors, and realize that lifting 20 million out of hunger, illiteracy, and destitution is more important than the glory of reclaiming land for two million neighbors worth a few million dollars and some pride.


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