Friday, February 15, 2013

Imagine having meteorite explosion in #Egypt !!??

I do not think that any Meteorite explosion has been recorded on camera in earth like that Russian Meteor today !!  Over 1000 Russians are reportedly injured because of that meteorite explosion !! Russia has long history with meteorites , the most famous one was in Tunguska 
Watch the meteorite explosion in video here

Imagine if this happens in Egypt !! Just imagine it happens in Cairo !?


  1. Actually, one of the most famous Meteorites on earth fell in Egypt over 100 years ago in 1911 at "Albuhayra" and they tracked it to planet Mars and named it "Nakhla Metorite".


    1. You can see its picture on Wikipedia searching for "Nakhla Meteorite". In 1999 the Space industry broke it into two large pieces, to examine its contents

  2. Lightening striking the Vatican hours after the pope resigned, meteors, death and destruction, storms and tsunamis. All the people who believe in God will be seeing the end days in all of this that has been predicted.

    By the way Zeinobia are you going to update the posts about El Guindy now that the coroner has said he was not tortured by police and his mobile phone records say he was not in custody at that time?


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