Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Old #Egypt : The (It) girl Today from 1960s !!

I believe this is the most shared non political video today in Egypt in the social media networks whether Facebook or Twitter.
Faten Hamama in Lebanon “1964”
Faten Hamama , the Dame of Arab Screen speaks in French in some interview during Beirut Film Festival in 1964. She spoke about how she became an actress , about the revolution in Egypt and how she supported the revolution in Algeria.
Let’s just say my generation suddenly discovered that the lady associated in our minds with grace, seriousness and drama too was so cute and cheerful when she spoke French.
By the wa Faten Hamama was starred in an American film produced by MGM called Cairo in 1962 along with Ahmed Mazhar and George Sanders.
Ironically most of the people do not understand what she was saying in French yet that video brought the memory of ladies were real ladies.
Of course in those old days girls were not sexually attacked or assaulted in the streets.


  1. On appelle ça le bon vieux temps de l'Egypte...

  2. Her French is perfect, she only has a very slight accent :)

  3. Of course in those old days girls were not sexually attacked or assaulted in the streets.

    That's prolly when your grandparents were young, no? So, what changed? Zionists did this to Egypt? Or was it America? How did Egyptians become such pigs?

  4. This is the classy Egypt, When women had respect, love and passion of the society, People on the street in cairo, you can see women dressed like her, women in scarf, not far from girl in mini-skirts, and all got respect and no attack or bad words. How come empty-minded Egyptians today claims they are religious !!? Does Islam tell them to do what they are doing?? They keep women inslaved, they comit adultery, and they grow beards and aear headscarf nd call themselves islamists.. goo luck Egypt ...

  5. I'm so sorry to hear the Anoynomous people, being allowed on this thread to be vulgar & rude. :(

    It's a lovely look at older Cairo movie stars, and she is beautiful. I'm happy to hear she was for the revoluton & Algerias as well.

    Nice video!

  6. By the way, it's probably the same person hiding under the "anonyomous label" Always the hateful ones who cause the world so much turmoil. :(

  7. That was long before the hordes from the east invaded Egypt and brought with them their culture, attire, and attitudes towards women, and also men who do not conform to their ways.

  8. The old days weren't that great Z., much was hidden out of sight because media was tightly controlled, much less powerful. Millions could die out of sight, as happened in China. While Americans could tell themselves they were the good guys while firebombing millions (Vietnam). They were different days not worse not better.

  9. Pirooz;. nobody is saying in those days Egypt was rightfully governed. In fact, while Nasser had some good vision for Egypt he was stupid enough to be controlled by the "so called superpowers" playing games with his mind. Nonetheless, egyptians were more civilized toward each others. Women, had more freedom expressing their "own" tastes, culture, and opinion. At Cairo university at that time, we had lot of girls wearing mini skirts, couple of girls wearing scarfs, no bearded men though, but all together we were friends. Cristians may had some trouble easily getting good paying jobs, however, they were discussing their situations with their muslim friends. Don't you Egypt of today envy this time, in spite of Nasser & Sadat stupid decisions ???. Good luck Egypt with your MBs. You are making Mubarak smile in his "hospital" bed. But you are doing a good job pleasing your old enemy, thanks for Saudi Arabia.

  10. To give you some idea how egypt was few years before that time that time during kig Farouk,
    - Unemployment 2%
    - Gold pound= 0.38 Egy Pound
    - $ =0.28 Egy pound
    - Cairo won best city in the world
    - Egypt was desirable for workers from Europe
    - Fashion appeared in Cairo before Paris
    - UK borrowed from Egypt ~ 29 Bill $
    - Farouk gave governing to Naguib & Army with no one drop of blood
    At that time MBs were fighting the king ... Surprise ? Who do you think paid them and motivated them ?


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