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#MB VS. Protesters : After the Mount battle

The battle has got a name now “The Mount battle” in reference to Mokattam Hill that is regarded by most Egyptians as a mount while it is not. The biggest ironies of the whole thing is that the MB members are the ones who named it “The Mount Battle”.

I have got too many thoughts and short time today. I am between reading the testimonies of those who have been there or following news and reactions. It is just crazy. I will try to do my best.

The Protesters and the Mount Battle

Most protesters believe that they won this battle after kicking the Muslim brotherhood’s ass in Mokattam and paying the price of losing partially their humanity by approving the actions of torture. They believe that they made the Muslim brotherhood pay for their assaults and attacks on the protesters since the attack of the MB youth on protesters including girls I knew at the parliament in January 2012 not even the attack of MB members on the protests at the Presidential Palace on December 5. What happened on December 5th from torture and assault against protesters was the turning point , the angry protesters still got these terrible images and footage and can not forget it. The statements and the actions of the MB are not helping them to forget especially in time of the elected president we got victims like Gika , Christy and El Gendy.

It is like living in a war and most of the protesters believe that they won that battle against the MB members who used teased them of being weak and not so strong to stand against the great fighters of MB.

No more humanity , No More Mr. Nice guy

Most of the protesters did beat the crap out of the MB protesters madly but other protesters like activists and veteran revolutionaries tried to stop the assaults but they failed in front of extreme angry protesters. The photos were horrifying without doubt. It is as if the peaceful protesters of January 25 revolution are not longer peaceful or believe in peacefulness. Well You got very angry frustrated people now and they do not have anymore that romantic peacefulness view of the revolution. They are  on the verge of hunger revolution and this is another part of yesterday scene.

Still some people tried to stop this madness.

 Khaled Ali , the former presidential candidate tried to stop the beating of a MB member and in the end he was beaten and had an injury in his Shoulder. Shahenda Maklad , who was assaulted by the MB last December 5,2012 was trying to defend the MB members captured by the protesters but could not do anything in front of huge and sad anger.

Nawara Negm kept screaming and running behind the protesters telling them to leave the MB members they capture but nobody listened. Nawara said that one of the protesters told her that he was tortured by the MB during the Presidential Palace clashes. Activist Nazly Hussein and Rasha Azzab also mentioned that they tried to stop the protesters but they were too angry. “Did those who torture the people at presidential palace were questioned !?” The angry protesters frequently told activist Nazly Hussein. 

It is worth to mention that Negm and Ali are not the so-called Wanted list of the Islamists which is another thing I will speak about in another post.

The MB and the Mount battle

The MB members after bragging a whole week on how they kicked activist Ahmed Douma’s ass and slapped a woman activist and vowing to slaughter whoever would dare to come near to the MB HQ yesterday by force are living and excelling the role of the victims. Amazingly now the MB spokesperson that what happened to them is an evidence that they do not have militias !!

I followed the preparations of this battle since last Saturday , from a week ago after the attack against the graffiti artists and I got my shares from MB comments on my twitter on how the MB men will teach those secular protesters the lesson of their lives. Still what happened yesterday was a defeat.

By the way the MB also beat the crap out of the protesters and even allegedly tortured some of them including Mokattam residents in a Mosque , yes in  Mosque. No is not innocent in the Mount Battle.

Now the MB members and Islamists especially from Youth decided to start a new battle next Sunday at the Media City in order to bring down those secular TV channels.

The MB members and Islamists especially from youth are begging Morsi to get angry and the Guidance office to arm them for real otherwise they will burn down the guidance office did not arm them allegedly enough.

May be this can be the start for the MB members and Youth to think about what the holy guidance office and its decisions. May be this will force some of them to think on why the guidance office decided to mobilize their members from govenorates outside Cairo in particular ignoring the A Class MB youth like El Shater and Hassan Malek’s sons. Amazingly the A Class MB youth are doing this job in incitement perfectly while leaving the dirty work , the handy work to province members if I may say.

The new kind of protesters

As soon as I knew that there were ambushes from both sides on the highway to Mokattam , I knew that MB members from provinces coming in the afternoon would see hell after all they would meet the protesters coming from the Shanty towns and popular areas surrounding Mokattam.

I knew that as soon as I read from reporters and friends on the ground that the MB members began to attack the protesters and their cars from the top of the hill using bird shots and rocks that the MB member would face hell for real because they are not dealing anymore with chichi protesters of Heliopolis.They are dealing more and more in the clashes with the working angry class that can not tolerate anymore economic failures. FYI Mokattam is surrounded by popular areas and shanty towns in amazing paradox between the upscale area and the low scale areas below the hell.

These protesters can not be controlled by the Fancy opposition and sophisticated members of National Salvation Front , this is the fact the MB does not want to understand or may be they do not actually understand because as a group they depend on complete obedience.

From couple of months ago the people of Alexandria , mainly from popular areas attacked the Islamists from Salafists as well the Muslim brotherhood and beat the crap out of them. It turned out that most of the protesters that kicked out the Salafists coming from outside Alexandria came from those popular areas. The people had enough on how MBs and Salafists controlled the distribution of bread and gas in those areas. Nobody attention for this huge change taking place. I think we are witnessing the same thing.

Already we are also witnessing the beginning of hunger revolution especially in these hard economic times.

The Finale 

In the end I will say over and over if there was true justice in the investigations of clashes that took place on December 5,2012 , if there was true justice and true state of law that would restore the rights of Mina Philip as Egyptian citizen we would not see that middle aged man from the Muslim brotherhood dragged on the top of Mokattam.

The ex-vice president Mahmoud Mekki said important phrase on December 5,2012 while the MB members were beating protesters and journalists outside the Palace he was standing in speaking to journalists “ The survival is for the strongest”. The phrase summarizes what is happening in Egypt.

Yes our Presidency and its representatives said it clear “The Survival is for the strongest” and the people are following this


  1. wow very good information. thank you. what do you think of the MB who are accusing the christians of committing all the violence?

  2. Zeinobia if the NSF leaders know that calling for street protests will end in violence and they know that they do not have any control over the angry crowds, they should not call for street protests, simple.

    Legitimacy is not in the streets, it is in Elections.

    I think changing the Capital from Cairo to a more peaceful city like Assiut or Damietta maybe a good idea. I know it is impractical though as it involves huge costs and processes.

  3. It is as if the peaceful protesters of January 25 revolution are not longer peaceful or believe in peacefulness.

    That was apparent the night Mubarak stepped down and your wonderful "protesters" decided to celebrate by gang raping Lara Logan, one of the most famous international correspondents in the world, as she did a live broadcast from Tahrir Square. And with all those thousands of people, nobody did anything about it. Some people tried to tell you what your "revolution" was. As I recall, you didn't want to hear it. Now even you can't ignore the truth anymore, but instead of accepting at least part of the blame and part of the responsibility, you pretend that the nature of these beastly "revolutionaries" has changed in the last two years. When it hasn't. This is who they (you) have been, all along.


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