Saturday, March 23, 2013

#MB VS protesters : The night goes on !!

Now I could not update this post for hours because we are having internet problems all over Egypt but I have been glued to my twitter , TV channels and News websites to follow up what is taking place. I can not update my Storify Live update. It is annoying.
Things are not good at all. 
At night the clashes are mainly between the protesters and the Central Security forces “CSF”. Again the Attack and Retreat Policy is applied. Some MB members also clash from time to time with the protesters. The CSF is reportedly using extremely bad type of tear gas grenades.
The ambulance authority announced that there are officially 147 injured and no fatalities. Still on the ground activists and protesters report another thing. April 6 Youth member Mostafa El Boghdady is reporting that one protester was killed.
The Muslim brotherhood members also claim that at least one of their members have been killed. There is no doubt that the MB members that were captured by the protesters were beaten brutally and crazily. It is also worth to mention that the protesters and activists who have been in Mohamed Mahmoud 1 Clashes and Cabinet HQ Clashes of 2011 were protecting them but in vain.
A MB member was torched and his pictures shocked us. Thank Goodness He is still alive and fine according to his brother on Facebook.
From Al Masry Al Youm
 Another MB member was dragged after being beaten. Actually more than MB member were dragged in the streets by the angry protesters according to the photos we saw and vice versa also. It was a streets war for real.

Dragged while bleeding "Ahram Online"
It is like the December 5 clashes but the MB members and protesters changed their places. More photos can be found in Ahram Online.
The protesters reported that the CS forces were attacking the protesters  pushing them back in order to liberate members of the MB captured and detained in El Hamed mosque. “There is a photo for the mosque in the first post”
At the same time protesters report that there are other protesters captured at a Mosque called Belal Ibn El Rabah in the area. 
FYI today is the 85th anniversary of founding the Muslim brotherhood in Ismailia. It is worth to mention also that protesters from several months burned down the MB headquarter there !!

 I can write some phrases from the type that Egypt lost today to the end of that talk but I believe today actually is a result of the polarization already planted by the Muslim brotherhood and President Morsi starting from his constitutional declaration and the Presidential Palace massacre on December 5. In fact if those from the MB who tortured the protesters on the fences of the presidential Palace were brought to justice
The polarization of the Muslim brotherhood continues as the MB media as represented in Misr 25 TV channel kept claiming that the Christians and communists who are fighting Islam. You got someone like RSSD News network founder and MB member Abdel Kadr El Sheheny claiming that the protesters are Christians fighting Islam on his twitter account.
The polarization of the Muslim brotherhood continues as the MB youth kept chanting for hours “ Islamic state , Islamic state against secularism” and till the end of these sectarian chants while firing bird shots at the protesters. Yes they started first and I think the tweets I shared from the location from unbiased reporters.
The polarization of the Muslim brotherhood continues when they keep cheering for the police that needs to be reformed because the police is attacking the protesters.
Yes this is what Ikhwan Web does not say in English and will not say because they do not admit the guts to say it. I know that today the MB will use it in its PR work to present itself as the victim of the militant opposition in Egypt and probably we will find the Prosecutor general accusing activists and political figures by name Saturday morning.


  1. lol awww cute.

  2. What a horde of stupid morons. How do they think indulging in wanton physical violence will get them what they want, or change things ? How will setting a few buses on fire, beating a few MB members, or even storming the MB HQ will change things ?

    Unfortunately the opposition movement has been taken over by street morons. Respected leaders must address this situation, if they do not, we are seeing the opposition devouring itself. I was starting to get uncomfortable the moment they decided to head to the Presidential Palace and a few morons decided it was a good idea to attack and storm the Palace and the leaders did not stop it. This is going nowhere. Where are we going ?

  3. The men dragging that bleeding man don't look like "activists", do they ?

    Unfortunately some Egyptians have made it their full-time occupation and profession to be on the streets and out "protesting" something or the other since January 2011. You wonder, what do these "activists" do for a living ?

    Madness has overcome the country.

    1. agreed and the opposition and NSF know full well that when they call for a protest it will end in thuggery and murder!! The NSF and opposition have lost all respect!!


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