Sunday, April 14, 2013

Does the Anti-Narcotics administration know about this website !?

I do not know if I blogged about this website or not but there is a website that suddenly appeared out of no where on internet sharing the prices of Hashish all over Egypt. The website is called “El 7Ashesh Bkam” { How much is the hashish price now ?}
Yes all over Egypt you can the prices and dealers of hashish in Egypt. Amazingly the website got a twitter account and Facebook Page.
Hashish is illegal in Egypt and we got here the names of the dealers in different areas so I wonder what is the position of the famous Anti-Narcotics general administration in the ministry of interior from this website ???!!!? Ok if you check the comments , you find the admins of the website correcting me and saying that the names mentioned that in the website are actually the users of hashish who send to the admins the prices of Hashish in their areas. They say that their website is based on the game concept !!
I know that the department is active , at least this is what I get when I read from two days ago that the oldest anti-narcotics police department in Africa published its annual report for year 2012. It announced that in 2012 it busted 12 tons of Hashish ,77 tons of Marijuana and 435 millions narcotics pills especially the Tramadol.


  1. Hello Zenobia,
    there's some facts you miss here or you can't get

    first of all we only show the prices
    second, we don't allow dealers numbers or anything else, names showed on website are the name of the user who contribute the price in his area..

    we are NOT allwoing ppl to communicate with each other under any circumstances.

    so your post here is out of validity :)

    we built this site for fun and playing concept of "GAME" :)

    thanks :)

    1. Can you please define that concept of game ?? I do not understand it really.What is the use of having this site for real ?

    2. the use!!!
      does every thing must have an aim and usage?
      can't we make anything just to play?

      and even, do you see any of what you wrote in the site?!

      the site has no aim, has no use, just open it in your browser, type a name, type a price, and any place just hit enter, tada!!!

      nothing else :)

      that's the concept of game

      check our fb page, you will find a post or two about you and tamer amin, many ppl just said don't care it's a game and Iam happy that there's some one who knows what game means :)

      we forgot about many things in our life, and the most important thing we forgot is that we must play for playing, nothing else :)

      life is just a game :)

  2. do you i try 2 talk 2 him and he is the and the admen he is the dealer

  3. there's no dealers on


    Something of topic.. but you Had a post about this before :)


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