Monday, May 20, 2013

And Who is that sick person behind this stupid act ?

Just today people in Alexandria were shocked in the morning to see the beautiful and iconic Mermaid statue disfigured by some assholes , yes assholes.

Some idiot or idiots threw blue paint on the beautiful statue made by famous artist Fathy Mahmoud. I am so angry.
Anyhow a group of Alexandrian activists are having an event to clean the mermaid next Friday.


  1. Looks like acts of vandalism by some pissed off painter or a frustrated worker, aside that majority of Egyptians no longer appreciate arts.

    Anyways, if it isn't for these activities, the statue would remain like that indefinitely.

  2. Maybe because she is not wearing "Hijab"? At least it was not acid! which leads me to believe the person is a bit modrate.

  3. Wasn't me! But I do think you should sell that and buy guns for revolutionaries.

  4. You'll have kind of a two-for-one deal for your blog if the Alexandrian activists get sexually assaulted by revolutionaries while attempting to rehab the lewd mermaid statue. Win-win.

  5. This and tons of tons of other bad acts that have been going on and on since and before the "Thawra" prove that we are the idiots for letting such acts occur!


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