Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kidnapped Soldiers appear in Video "Updated"

In a major development today a video surfaced online allegedly for the 7 kidnapped soldiers in Sinai. The kidnapped soldiers identified them and their ages. They demanded to President Morsi to release all Sinai's political detainees. They are blindfolded. They say that they are tortured. They are begging Morsi to release the detainees especially Sheikh Hamda Abu Sheita. "Updated : The video has been removed because it violates YouTube's policy regarding violence"
We are not less than Gilad Shilat whom Israel traded for 1000 Palestinian prisoners
Said the soldier Sobhi who directed his talk to both Morsi and El Sisi.
Hamda Abu Sheita was the one who was allegedly tortured till he lost his sight in Tora prison last week. Abu Sheita was one of the leading figures in the Salafist Jihadists trend in North Sinai. He was arrested last year.
It is just sad video. The average age of the poor soldiers is 20 years.
The video is uploaded by "SSAS SSAS" channel in YouTube. The user has joined the video uploading service only today. It was uploaded from 7 hours ago and strangely only now people are paying attention.There is no official reaction about it so far.
More to come.
Ok an official reaction :
The video is studied by the security and military forces , an official reaction to be expected soon.
In another development Manishet TV show on ONTV announced the Morale department  has sent an order to TV channels not to air the video for fear it would affect the officers' morale !! Ironically this comes after 7 hours of posting the video online. I saw army officers sharing it on twitter already !!
Anyhow MBC Misr aired the video and Al Youm channel also has aired from short time ago.
Now here is a photo for Hamda Abu Sheita who seems to be popular among the Salafists as I have found his photo in the Salafist , Jihadist and Hamzoon Facebook page frequently.

They are saying that he lost his sight from torture. Abu Sheita got a death sentence waiting for him. He was arrested during the Falcon military operation in 2012. His brother Hossam spoke about his brother insisting his innocence and recounting the torture he faced in a post on his FB account last Thursday. Since then he has not posted anything on his account.
Here is the front page of Akhbar Newspaper tomorrow and it is about the video.
Other Egyptian TV channels have aired the video included MBC Misr and CBC. The parents of the kidnapped soldiers have confirmed to TV channels that those are their sons.
All TV channels are discussing what is happening in Sinai.
According to sources there is new military deployment in North Sinai. Reporters say that security forces are saying the security forces started to evacuate the hotels of Al Arish !!
The clip has been uploaded on YouTube again.
 Now there are leaks in the newspapers with the names of those suspected in kidnapping. One of the name that stands out is Hany Abu Sheita , the brother of Hamda. Of course Abu Sheita is still insisting that it is not involved in kidnapping.
Hany Abu Sheita is convicted in the same case of his brother that goes back to 2012. He is a fugitive from what I understood.
Here is a video for him with his imprisoned brother Hamda.

I will try to get more info about his family tomorrow. He is the most important lead about the kidnappers.


  1. A random thought re: 'parents of kidnapped soldiers have confirmed ..' .... Who released the names and addresses of the kidnapped soldiers to the media?

    And how long did it take TV channels to locate the soldier's family - to include them in the TV broadcast re: confirmation?

    And what intelligence led the Presidency know the names of suspects?

  2. Hopefully they will be treated as well as they would have wanted Israeli soldiers to be treated if they were captured by the same terrorists.

  3. Camp David treaty needs to be ripped up and Egyptian troops sent in to every part of Egypts Sinai to root out these terrorists!
    Why should Israel have a tiny Zone D and full military beyond that leaving Egypt basically defenceless?

    Time for Egyptians to stand up and demand the ripping up of that treaty and our troops to be deployed for our own and soldiers safety.!

    It's disgusting what is happening!

  4. continuing my first comment about who released the names and addresses of the soldiers to the media ,,, so that the media is right there to include the parents confirming their children's identify.... today, I found this news:

    Quote: Abou Sheita nevertheless denied any involvement in the kidnap of the seven security officers. “It’s shameful to believe that the Sinai Bedouins would go through the hassle of kidnapping seven soldiers only to call for the freedom of one man,” Om Qassem said. “If it were truly the Sinai Bedouins who kidnapped the soldiers, they would have called for the release of all Sinai prisoners without highlighting my husband.” /Quote

    Could this be a false flag operation? ..

    Confused & Curious .... and my head hurts!

  5. Good for President Morsi in refusing to negotiate with terrorists.

  6. You must be some kind of knucklehead if you think Morsi has a problem with terrorists.

  7. Also, re: false flag .. what do you make of this below?

    Quote. Another name frequently mentioned as a main suspect in last week's kidnappings is Hani Abu-Sheita, Hamda's brother. Within the last 24 hours, Hani has been referred to by the media as a "fugitive" involved in the soldiers' kidnapping.

    Contrary to media reports, however, Hani Abu-Sheita is not a fugitive and can currently be found in the village.

  8. "The government and interior ministry did not inform Badie's family about his kidnapping; we learned about it from a police officer working in Rafah."

    So, if the govt. did not inform the families of the kidnapping, who informed the media about the families - so that the media included them in the TV report where you say: "The parents of the kidnapped soldiers have confirmed to TV channels that those are their sons."

    I think i gotta get off this tree!

  9. its a Good for President Morsi was refusing to negotiate with terrorists.

  10. from silence re: above posts, it would seem independent thought and raw data analysis is absent.

    Long live Bloggers! May they shine the light where none is found. Sad!


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