Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fishing in Ras Mohamed caught on Camera

This shocking video clip was filmed last 30 May 2013 in Ras Mohamed area in Sinai. Nearly 20 fishing boats were fishing in the restricted area. The clip is filmed by Denis Zorzin
Fishing boats in
Where are our coast guards ?? 20 fishing boats are more of organized operation. I can not believe that no official could not see them.
In May 2011 the South Sinai governor then issued a decision to allow fishing there but had to cancel the decision due to the huge opposition. I do not know if the decision is back or not but we should scream to remind the world that there is no fishing in Ras Mohamed.


  1. ohh that is some thing very bad to see to not to follow the rules.
    Fishing in Dubai

  2. I used 700 tvl dome camera for 10 years, it is NOT a gimmic - it works, its proven.
    And as I said IR in Bullets will generally be much more powerful than IR in a dome.

  3. I'm installing 700 tvl dome camera outdoors, 2 in each corner of the building.. Would you choose Dome on Bullet cameras and why?

  4. Don't they have surveillance camera systems in the area? They can't actually use that as an excuse. These are fishing boats and it wouldn't be possible not seeing even one of them.


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