Monday, June 10, 2013

Morsi Speaks To #Ethiopia and #June30 Supporters as Well

Today Islamist political parties held some so-called popular meeting to discuss the Nile river crisis including the Freedom and Justice Party. Those parties invited President Morsi to that meeting and he addressed the Nation.
There was not a real discussion for the Nile crisis as much it was obvious replica conference from the days of Mubarak and the NDP. The exact sign but with a religious touch. I will not comment on the fact that Islamist parties mobilized its members from governorates as far as Bani Sawif to attend the conference in Cairo and to stand outside the Conference halls in Nasr City. I will not comment either on the banners the supporters of Morsi held like “We love you President” and “The goals of the revolution have been achieved”. I will not comment on what happened on the beginning of the conference. I will go straight to the main event of Morsi’s speech.
The speech is two parts : One that deals with Ethiopia and the Nile Dam and the other deals with Egyptian opposition.
The first part that deals with Ethiopia Morsi presented the good cop/bad cop in not so good way. Speaking in escalating and confident tune , Morsi declared that “All options are available” asserting over and over that our Water’s security is a red line that we will not accept to give up a single drop from it.
If a single Nile’s drop from our share is lost , our blood will be the cost.
He said those words after quoting a verses from Abdel Wahab’s song “Immortal river” earning him a standing ovation. He also said that Whoever thinks that Egyptians are busy with their internal challenges is delusional and that we are the soldiers of God. Using this language in confidence is not good because on the other side I know that some Ethiopians consider themselves as soldiers of God.
Anyhow after those indirect threats Morsi pulled back the Good cop insisting that we do not want any harm to Sudan or Ethiopia and that we are not against any development projects unless those projects harm our water shares. He also stated that we are have talks with Ethiopia and our relations are getting better than back in the old Mubarak days.
It is as if Morsi was trying to pull Nasser, Sadat and Yasser Arafat at the same time.Either Morsi is bluffing or he got intelligence backing up him to escalate in this way especially that his ministers are heading to both Sudan and Ethiopia. Already Ethiopia is heading in it plans and Sudan is supporting. Either he knows what he is doing or he is playing with fire in order to cover his internal political failures. Most observers believe he is trying to hide the internal political failures.
I think you probably know that Egyptian revolutionary and political powers and parties are organizing a mass protests day and are hoping to withdraw confidence from president Morsi on the anniversary of his election victory. Well Morsi is using the Nile Crisis in a way to lure the opposition forces calling them for national reconciliation as “there is no time for differences in Egypt now” according to him.
You must know that leaks in press that there is a trend in the presidency aka El Shater’s men to give up some concessions for the opposition. Anyhow it is too late because Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood do not want to understand that the people not the opposition are the leading this wave of anger and rebellion due to their own fiascos. The opposition in Egypt actually can not keep up with the revolutionaries and the people.
By the way Morsi presented his condolences to the family of the Homeland security’s special forces officer Abu Shakra was killed/assassinated in Sinai described his murderers as terrorists. Today in the funeral of Abu Shakra , the police officers chanted against Morsi.

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  1. Good cop/bad cop is for normal people. For Islamist nutjobs, it's bad cop/worse cop, and I'm sure Morsi pulled that off exactly as intended since that's something he is expert at.


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