Saturday, June 29, 2013

One year in Office : Torture in time of Morsi “Graphic+18”

Dear friend Mohamed Abdel Fatah directed a short documentary in Arabic about torture in time of President Morsi. Abdel Fatah featured 3 torture cases including 2 cases of torture till death.

Morsi has ignored all the initiatives proposed by human rights activists to reform the ministry of interior and police force in order to stop these practices. Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood who plead to stop torture do not see it a problem as long as their opponents are the ones who are tortured.
Of course the blame is not only on Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood because also you got the ministry of interior and the police force. The police force does not want to change its techniques.

BY the way tomorrow will be the big day of 30 June protests. Some protesters are going to hit the street because they want these practices to stop while others "I fear to say the majority" just do not care. In fact it seems to me that criticizing the police and its practices is a taboo. The protesters who chant against the ministry of interior are no longer welcomed in Tahrir square and are being kicked out after being label as "MB agents"
It is worth to mention too that the Muslim brotherhood and its supporters got nothing day and night except to praise the police.
Legally the ministry of interior is accused of killing protesters too in time of President Morsi.
He will not go down alone. 

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  1. Zeinobia: thank you for providing a platform for the victims of this evil regime.

    Nothing has changed. Morsi is a liar and should be held accountable for these crimes and I suspect that he knows very well that if he in not the president anymore that the families of the victims will go after him may be not in Egyptian courts but as in the case of other criminals as in the case of Liberia in the international court at the Hague and I hope he will pay for these crimes

    In international law as was confirmed in the Nuremberg trials of the Nazis that if you are in charge you are responsible for crimes committed while you were in office and it would serve him right


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