Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Breaking : #Morsi Refuses to Give up "Updated"

And I think the negotiations between the army and Mohamed Morsi or rather the Muslim brotherhood have reached to dead end.
From few moments ago we found the official twitter account of Mohamed Morsi saying the following :

President Mohamed Morsi will hold on the constitutional legitimacy and refuses any attempts to turn against it. He also calls the army to reverse its ultimatum and refuses any domestic or foreign orders.  
This is a confrontation not only with the public and the Egyptian army but also with the States that called Morsi to hold early Presidential elections.I do not know if this is crazy or not.
Since early morning and almost everybody with access to real informed sources in Cairo knew that Morsi was holding talks with El Sisi. All predictions were betting that by tonight or tomorrow's morning there will  be a comprise.
These bets were enforced by the fact that state owned Ahram's issue tomorrow published in its front page.
Today : Dismissal or resignation "Aziz El Shafei"
 This font used above the Ahram logo is used in historical events in the history of the old newspaper. "Today :Dismissal or resignation" 
Below the headlines are as follows for the report written by Abdel Nasser Salama , the editor in chief of Ahram. :
  • Forming a presidential council and cancelling the constitution. 
  • The armed forces will supervise the road map of future for a period between 9 months to one year. 
  • Revolutionary trials for violence inciters and instructions to deal with outlaws in Sinai. 
  • Forming an independent interim government and have a presidential and parliamentary elections. 
  • Putting MB leading figures under house arrest and international support to the new development.
Ahram Daily is no longer following the MB but it is back to the army right.
I think he is trying to pull Erdogan here. Unfortunately he does not know that Turkey is not Egypt for real and people can not stomach the Muslim brotherhood anymore.
Update : 
Morsi has addressed the nation from few minutes ago on National TV. To be accurate he addressed his supporters. Stressing over and over on his legitimacy, Morsi sent indirect messages to the army and El Sisi as well the people. I will not quote him. 
The National TV is controlled now by the army FYI.I do not know what will happen tomorrow. I fear it for real.
By the way just now we got this tweet on the official twitter account of the cabinet. 

"The Cabinet announces its refusal to Dr.Morsi's speech and how it pushes nation to civil war. The Cabinet announces its support to the people's will.


  1. Zeinobia: Morsi ma3andoosh dam he should go and good riddance

  2. His words are empty. While he was talking his militias were killing peaceful Egyptians by machine guns, forcefully breaking into houses of journalists and preparing civil war.

    there is just one answer: ارحل

  3. I fear that Morsi and the MB view their rise to power as having some sort of religious and historical significance. This is when the real trouble starts, for they feel that anyone opposing them is opposing this religious destiny (and even more worrying, God's will).

    1. I agree. He reiterated yesterday again and again his legitimacy based on Sharia - so he feels he was elected by God.

  4. So what or who would replace him?

    1. Anybody/anything as long as it is not again some religious zealot

    2. You wrote

      >So what or who would replace him?

      There are 85M Egyptians left to choose from. Do not be afraid of what the future holds but do what is right now and what has to be done now is that incompetent fool has to go

  5. good luck with the military and the police and the old judiciary. Be sure IF you ever get elections again it will be hard to cheat enough to wipe out the 75% who support an Islamist trend. So I guess we are back to a secular "liberal" dictatorship. Baradei seems a good choice for president.

  6. Zeinobia: this is a disaster. Morsi does not get it because here is the problem: You hire a man to run a business, then within one year your business is on the verge of being bankrupt. So what do you do? You fire him and this is what the people of Egypt are doing. Can he stay on the job? the answer is no

    As for his followers I say to them if they do not like Egypt then move and good riddance


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