Friday, July 26, 2013

#July26 : The Day started early in #Egypt

The 26 July big has started earlier in Egypt with the news of detaining Mohamed Morsi 15 days pending investigation for espionage and escaping charges.
It has really started earlier.
A storify live coverage after the break.


  1. >> And today's disgusting op-ed goes to Ghada El Sherif from Al Masry Al Youm "Just wink El Sisi only" <<

    Shame on you, Almasry Alyoum, the editors of Almasry Alyoum, the owners of Almasry Alyoum, for letting this idiot (I prefer other more descriptive names) write anything that demean our struggle in Egypt against those "Islamist" thugs. She not only wrote that very stupid article prostituting herself, but another ugly article thanking Susan Mubarak for raising some"good children" who know how to rob this country while smiling politely at its people. Please, Ghada El Sherif, spare us, and spare the Egyptian people such garbage. And don't wait for Mubarak or his children to rule Egypt again. Mubarak is not coming back, neither Mursi, or any one from his elk. We need to clean this country from all those thugs. Elh.

  2. 17 people have died so far. Thia is the result of the tafweed. People gave the army a blank check to kill the protesters who support Morsi. The people in rab3a, al nahda and throughout Egypt are not thugs. A thug is someone who does not care about the pain, suffering, and violence caused to others. Anyone who promotes violence or condones it or gives permission for someone to do violence is a thug. The old regime is slowly coming back. But this time military rule will be stronger than ever and they will continue to use this Friday as their justification for getting rid of anyone they don't like. Even months from now, if someone opposes the regime there will simply be some fake charge against that person, he will be called a terrorist, and he will be eliminated and the military will say it is the people's will and that the people agreed for the military to do this. Everyone is thinking so short term and that this will only apply to MB. Wrong. It will apply to anyone who opposes the military from now on...


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