Thursday, July 25, 2013

#July26 : Preparing for the war against #terrorism in #Egypt

A military source told Ahram Online's Dina Ezzat that there are expectations that the numbers of protesters who will go to the street and mandate the army against terrorism will be more than the people who went to the streets on 30 June 2013. Well I believe this too considering the huge media campaign urging people to go to the story and to send a message to the world that they mandate the army to fight terrorism. 
Not to mention General El Sisi himself asked the people  to go and ask for this. The people will not refuse a thing he asks especially that they feel in extreme need for. 
For three weeks almost all private major TV channels had banners like "Egypt against terrorism" , "No for violence" and "War against terrorism". Of course the terrorism and the terrorists they are referring to are the Muslim brotherhood and its members. Now it is the time to join the crusade against terrorism and to end it in Egypt by the request of the army's popular commander El Sisi.
People now consider the brotherhood and its members are terrorists who should eliminated from Egypt. The horrifying stories and testimonies coming from the Rabaa sit in as well Nahda sit in not to mention the terrorist attacks in Sinai made the people believe that the army should get rid from Morsi's supporters ASAP. In addition to this you got the threatening language used by the Muslim brotherhood and its partners from time to time helped a lot in creating this image in the public mind.
It is a fact the MB has lost the majority of the Non Islamist Egyptian public, and it is not only because of the army or the deep state or the bad opposition.
Almost everybody in this country told the people to protest tomorrow to mandate the army and police in their war against terrorism and violence. From the presidency to parties like Free Egyptians to movements like Tamaroud urged the people to participate in the protests. Companies and commercial chambers also call their employees to participate in the protests like Tourism chambers in Cairo and Alexandria.
There will be protests in all over the country even in Marina , the famous Upper Class resort !! BY the way Marina also joined the protests of June 30th.

Marina joins the protest
Here are snapshots for today's newspapers in Egypt  , you got red bold headlines with specific order : Go to the streets 

One message "Go to the streets" and "We mandate you"
By Hisham Sadek
Today's newspapers in Egypt by Egyptian commandos
Akhbar front page headline was the most interesting one
Akhbar's front page : The message of El Sisi is delivered and the people's answer : We mandated you.
Youm 7's Front Page 'No comment'
Tomorrow 8 private owned TV channels including ONTV, CBC, Tahrir TV, Al Hayat, Al Nahar and Cairo centric announced that they will stop airing the Ramadan TV shows and series and will broadcast the protests from Friday prayers till Saturday's dawn prayers.
A screenshot from one of the channels by 7azla20m

I do not think people who got a cause and ready to demonstrate in the street in the hot weather during fasting will care for TV shows and series at all !!
And to be honest with the enthusiasm I see on Facebook and twitter, I believe that they did not need the TV channels to stop their shows as they are going either ways. It is enough to see the messages like the one below on the people's FB Wall declaring their full support to El Sisi giving him the mandate to fight terrorism.

"We mandate you" a song made for El Sisi by once-Pro Revolution singer Mado. It is a cover for the infamous song "We choose you" that was sung for Mubarak.
There will be a lot of singing tomorrow as popular Wesat El Balad Band , singer Ehab Tawfik and singer Mostafa Amar are going to hold some small concert at the Presidential Palace tomorrow night. 
On the other hand,the Islamists are going to protest as well against El Sisi and his coup. Originally they were preparing for that specific day for weeks. They have been preparing for massive protests for week. The Muslim brotherhood did not choose the date for nothing. Tomorrow will be Ramadan 17th , the anniversary of the Battle of Badr  
Yes it has a religious significant and it is playing an important role in mobilizing.Of course after El Sisi's speech , there is a shift in the tune used by the MB. There is no longer that use of force language full of defiance. Now it is "We are ready to die but killing another Muslim is a sin" and so on.
The Muslim brotherhood  is calling the Day of Forqan by the way.
This is why there is a fear tomorrow from clashes between the Pro-army and Pro-Morsi supporters that can reach to civil war. I do not know if the Egyptian channels will air their protests, but there is a bunch of Arab channels that will transfer their protests.
Both protests will start right after Friday prayers. 


  1. There was no reason for the head of the military to suggest that the Egyptian people show their disdain for these endless sit-in's, blocking's of streets, burnings and killings done by these thugs. Egyptians should have gone out on their own, knowing that these thuggish activities are just a start, a small sample of what terrorists can and will do. In reporting on these vulgar activities, the foreign media sees only people who are out every day demanding their return to rule Egypt. It gives that impression that Egypt is divided, and those so called Islamists are happy to live with this kind of fiction.

    It is great if the world can see that the majority of Egyptians do not want any more to have these thugs in power. And they are prepared and ready to see those who hold guns on their behalf fight these terrorists and bring some peace back to the country. With such lack of security, and with all these constant threats, people are unable to move, to work, to travel, and to even go see their doctors. Elh

  2. Every loyal Egyptian will support the Military and be on the streets tomorrow, if there is any violence, it will be from those who have spent 80 yrs plus inciting and enacting violence. Long live Egypt and our glorious military! We say no to terrorism and no to the Brotherhood, Egyptians no longer use the other name from now on, it is the Brotherhood, we do not want to insult Islam......hoping tomorrow will be peaceful and the peaceful Brotherhood will put away their sticks,swords, knives and guns and, join in the reconciliation talks with the patriotic and loyal Egyptians.....!

  3. I sometimes wonder if you people are diluded or just plain stupid, i lived through the jan25 and tried to be on the same page as the revolutionaries, their vision was a joke and wasnt the same vision as the farmer in the countryside. They had and auc education and the farmer was marrying a 12 year old. Unfortunately the majority are rural and the brotherhood got their votes, this 30june is a joke the military are back and the same guys who where forcing virginity tests on women at thahrir are now our saviours, well who benefitted what revolution did you pull off it was a myth and a mirage, ndp they planned well and they sneaked back in by demonising islamist.

    The economy is a non issue, egyptians cant see beyond their borders, the whole world is struggling, there are european economies going bust, a city in the usa just went bust, its not just egyptian domestic economy, its global, lets see if your technocrats can sort anything out other than their own family and small circle of elites,

    In europe people inbthe community would be so proud of egyptians, jan 25, they would always say to me how is it living there and how they respected the people, now its mostly, they are dumb, and how stupid can they be to fall for the military bull.

    I think Mubarak was the best man for the job and morsi never had real power and when he tried to flex his muscles, they pulled the carpet from under his feet, fake revolution, deluded masses.

    This time next year when the brotherhood has been repressed and gone back underground, the military will beat the next ones in line, who will save you, mr baradai, he couldnt even defend himself when someone threw a brick at his car..

  4. I am from Dumyat and it is as if we are occupied by thugs. Literally there are baltageya sitting in the streets just smoking and drinking during the day and harassing everyone who walks by them. My husband tried to go to work but was robbed on the way. I am telling you that this did not happen until the week before June 30. I see a police man sitting in his koshk and not do anything while the thugs take over. So clear to me that there is a plan from a while ago to topple morsi. Now everyone just blames every problem in the country on him. He is not in power anymore so where are these thugs coming from? They cannot be from the ikhwan. Clearly they are from mukhabarat and other factors. Ikhwan are of course to blame for a lot of things but not everything. Egypt is becoming fascist with blind support for the military. If sisi kills every single person in rab3a, most of the population will cheer. Waiting for the day when we have a real party system and civilian control of the military. But that day is very far off

  5. Please note everyone, this blog is specially created by the hypocrites to promote hatred amongst people for the Muslim brotherhood.

  6. Zeinobia, you became a cheerleader for the corrupted clique running the Egyptian army, and for the hypocrite liberals who are just manipulating the public opinion to vomit the MB or any religious-minded people. This blog makes me sick. Freedom this, freedom that...then great, we've got a coup on popular demand!...disgusting rhetoric. And please don't say that you're a journalist, you're just blinded by your irrational hatred of the MB or any political islamist, that you are ready to relay any kind of cheap propaganda spread by the fulul media and the fascist military rulers.

  7. they brought it on themselves. they want to die, they deserve to die.

    Welcome to a liberal democratic egypt. Where Baradei condones military executions and justifies his coup path to power by saying in an interview that most of those who voted for the MB were illiterate. So they don't count!!!!


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