Sunday, July 28, 2013

When you film a martyr without knowing

Sometimes I do not forget the faces that I film or take photos for , sometimes I remember them very well. He was one of those faces. I can not forget easily how he stayed in a corner near KFC Tahrir branch along his friends drawing the faces of the martyrs and revolutionary drawings against the brutality of the police as well SCAF on 25 January 2012.


Only on Saturday I know that his name was Eissa Essam , a 18 years old revolutionary artist was killed in the Unknown Solider memorial massacre.  Eissa is the son of some leading member in the MB and his father and family are currently in Rabaa Sit in.Despite he is a Muslim brotherhood and liberal , he used to visit to the sit in and on the bloody night he was there. It is fate after all.

Essam is a member in The Revolution’s artists group.


His non MB friends say that he was shot from behind which means that he could be shot by the MB protesters as he was standing among them. Of course he could be shot in the back while running and giving his back to the other side. They also say that Eissa’s father is using his son’s blood for the brotherhood’s media proposes. Yes this is Egypt now.


I do not know who killed Eissa Essam for real , I know that he was shot in his back. His anti-MB friends say that he was killed by the Muslim brotherhood while his MB family says that he is killed by the police and its thugs. All I know that he was killed and his rights will be lost forever like those young men who died for nothing in the past three years. He will be another graffiti , another name used in that fight like Osman’s Shirt n the end of the day.

The Egypt he dreamt of was just a dream.


I do not have a doubt that Eissa’s father feels sad for the loss of his son more than of his friends for real. I fear that none of Eissa’s friends know how his MB parents feel for him now.

I know friends who know many young men like Eissa , young liberals and socialists with Muslim brotherhood parents. I know that those young men are torn now between Rabaa sit in and the rest of the society. I know that those young men are fed up also between that choice.

I personally know that one of the important MB leading women figures’ son is liberal member the Constitution party and he is between the two fires of checking on his family in Rabaa and to support his party in the most polarized time in Egypt.

I do not know why I took several shots for Eissa Essam when I think about it now.

May Allah bless the soul of the innocent who were killed in those 3 years.


  1. The sad things about Egypt today is it being on the process of being defined in three separate groups; MB (right or wrong espousing religious Muslims), Seculars (young educated Egyptians looking for the West template for democracy and avoid linking religion and politics), and the Christians (who are being segregated , and used as a third section in divided Egypt). Wake up faithful and educated Egyptians and learn how your country is being used and abused to keep(close to) 90 millions Egyptian divided and weak. Learn from your past experience . May go bless this country from the evil flying above it ...

  2. I am on your side but your bias is blinding you. Shot in the back means the crime was committed by the confronting group, because the natural reaction of a crowd is to run away when shooting starts. Its a shame Zeinobia that you adopt an argument made by some clowns on TV. If that is true then you and Nawara negm should be prime suspects for the deaths of the martyrs who were shot in the back in our demonstrations. Death of a son is devastating Zeinobia, not Osman's Shirt. I don't know what to say.

  3. There is also that young MB photographer Ahmed Essam who was killed by the army snipers and he shot his own death by his camera in a very disturbing scene!!
    and by the way He is from nasserites family ,I hope u make a post about him as well!
    After all they r all Egyptians and it's rly sad to see their blood wasted due to dirty politics!
    And i don't think any parents will use the blood of their son to make any political gains!! u don't know what's in their hearts ,plz don't make such assumptions!!
    the saddest part we r losing our humanity day after day!!

  4. May you now, rest in peace Eissa


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