Monday, July 29, 2013

And the Blood River in #Egypt reaches to #Alexandria #July26

At the same time the world was paying attention to what happened at the Unknown soldiers memorial massacre , Egyptians are angry that international media did not pay attention to what happened in Alexandria from clashes and torture cases last Friday July 26.

Before clashes would erupt in Cairo , Alexandria had its own clashes between the Morsi supporters and Pro-Military supporters for hours. Eleven people were killed in those clashes , hundreds were injured including children and people were also tortured inside mosques.

This was civilians Vs. civilians fight in Alexandria. The army and police did not do anything to stop the clashes for hours. There were firearms and automatics , there were MB supporters , Pro-military supporters and thugs as well non politicalized locals all fighting each other from the testimonies I have been reading. People were armed and killed each other while the authorities were watching.

If tear gas grenades “which are bought by millions” were used according to rules of engagement to disperse the clashes between the two teams we would not have this disaster. 

My friend’s uncle was killed in those clashes. Yes my dear friend Ibrahim Gamal El Din lost his uncle in those clashes. Ibrahim was also an eye witness on what happened in this sad night.

The Muslim brotherhood supporters are accused of using not only firearms but rather occupying Al Qaed Ibrahim mosque and torture people there. Already there was an activist from April 6 Youth Movement “Democratic Front” who was badly tortured there and was kept for hours till he was released by army soldiers !!

Here is a storify report with what happened after the break.

If you find more photos or videos please share.


  1. Worst is to see the so called liberals saying all the anti coup protesters shot them selfs. They are only showing how retarded they are.

  2. The people of Egypt should realize how divisive religion can be and how much bloodshed it can cause

    1. this is not about religion. The coup leaders are targetting the MB as the single largest group of pro democracy campaigners. Once they have dealt with them they will turn on all other groups opposing a dictatorship and alliance between the military and Mubaraks crony businessmen. The coup leaders have admitted a few new cronies like Baradei etc but it is still the old guard like Sawiris who are calling the shots. First they come for the Islamists then it will be the socialists then secular democrats and human rights campaginers. They have already started cleansing the judiciary of reformists. This is so transparent it is a sick and sad joke that some still support the official narrative. Has anyone questioned how many people Tahrir square can hold. Google some scientific calculations....250,000 at best!!!! What fuckwits most people are!

  3. You clearly report that the pro coup supporters came and attacked to provoke the pro-democracy supporters. when you quote the following.

    "it was well known for everybody that the MB was going to protest at Al Qaed Ibrahim mosque while the Pro Military are going to protest at Sidi Gaber but for some reason some Pro-Military protesters went to Al Qaed Ibrahim mosque provoking the MB.According to Feckry's testimony his friend a reporter told him that the clashes started with an attack against the MB supporters."

    So how can you still twist things to sound as if the anti-coup protestors started the trouble?


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