Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dispersing the Sits in of #Nahda and #Rabaa

Earlier today the security forces have dispersed the Pro Morsi sits in of Nahda and Rabaa. 

I have just woke up by phones from relatives about the dispersal. Amazingly some lady married to some army officer claimed that both sits in would be dispersed earlier today. The thing that was claimed over and over yesterday.


  1. Feed here, Zeinobia :

  2. It is really hard to have sympathy for these thugs. They are stopping life in this country, blocking streets, keeping many people from work, and many others from addressing any of their needs. They occupy mosques and attack churches. They expose many poor young children, most are not their own, to maximum harm. They camp, urinate, deficate, build ovens, cook, and generate their weight in garbage. They block people's access to their homes, threaten them, beat and torture them, and even kill them and throw their corpses in the trash. They use heavy sticks, guns, knifes, and swords that sever heads, according to their highly valued primitative traditions. They do all of that in the name of our religion. And they are so ignorant they think they welcome death and will end in heaven for the sake of that religion.

    Let them go, and see what kind of hell will be happy to accept them. Send those ignorant women with them, too. they are old enough to know all their misdeeds. But save those innocent children, even their own. They don't understand how misfortunate they were born to those ugly thugs. Elh.

  3. As for those idiots in the East and West who were asking to let them continue their destruction for years to come, I wonder where were they when the police emptied their much nore peaceful sit-in's in New York, London, and Istanbul! Elh.

  4. this is better than an elected government?

  5. Dear Zeinobia,

    I've been following you for couple of years now. I didn't always like what I read, but I admired your free thought and skilful expression.

    The army has staged a (popular) coup. Just yesterday, it took over local governance. Today, the army disperses a (more or less) peaceful sit-in with live munition. The army is going no-where. There will not be a free election in Egypt for years now. You are apparently going down the road Algeria went before you.

    Th next victim will be citizen rights. Emergency laws are already established and emergency courts will reopen soon. Unfortunately, right of speech for bloggers like you will not persist long.

    Egypt is entering a dark period. You are young and talented. Is keeping this blog worth the risk?

    -- A friend from abroad

    1. Dear friend from abroad
      You might be right but I seriously doubt it, the events of the last 2 years , proved to me that this is never going to happen again , the collective intelligence of the Egyptian people is amazing and will overcome any wannabe dictators in the making. Ironically , I think we should thank the internet and people like Zeinobia.

    2. Dear Khaled,
      You just had a terrible day, and I would hate to aggravate you.
      The Egyption people may be smart, but it is no longer a contest of intelligence. Unfortunately, it is a contest of power. The army was given the power to:
      1. Fire the president
      2. Suspend the constitution
      3. Shoot and kill demonstrators

      I didn't hear of any serious plans by the army to give up those powers. Has elections been announced? Was there a judicial investigation of any of the killings?

      The army looks with fear at what happened in places like Turkey. The generals who now run Egypt have no intention of ending their carriers in jail. A long and dark period is coming and I fear for all of the brave people of Egypt.

      -- A friend from abroad

    3. Dear our friend from abroad,

      You may not know it, but some of what you say suggest that you are not a friend, or don't care to be a friend. If you don't know it, or don't do it intentionally, please try to understand something about our culture, which is really not different from yours. You don't tell us that a long and dark period is coming. You say, have a nice day, and not have a miserable day, even if those you are addressing are on their way to have a deadly operation. We are having one; wish us a good day, too.

      As for our government, our army, and our police force, and what they did, that is what we want them to do, and we will support them all the way. Be concerned with what your's do in your own country. All Egypt, institutions, universities, police stations, churches and mosques, etc. are under attack, and we are working on getting rid of that old and fatal disease. We don't really care about having some stupid elections if we still have criminals filling the streets, holding us with guns and swords, and threatening us and our children. We can't sit down in a building talking about democracy and human rights if there are some thugs outside dozing it with gasoline and setting it on fire. Elh.

    4. Dear Friend from abroad
      First I Really hate when Egyptians brag about their qualities and attributes, so I take that word "intelligence" back and will replace it with "achievements". I agree with your description that it is " contest of power", and I am convinced that the people now have this power, not the ones who own guns or armies. I do remain suspicious of the army tho but will give them the benefit of the doubt for a short period of time.

  6. As I said on the other thread, my husband and I are very disheartened and sad over what has come of Egypt and it's terrible divide and pray everyday for a quick resolution to the problems. For security for all, and fairness someday for all. This may be a pipe dream however, as these things take a long long time, and we pray more aren't killed in the waiting. Inshallah. Just know that many people care, who love Egypt and Egyptians and we cry for you all in your sufferings.

  7. Dear Zenobia
    Thankyou for the tremendous work today.

  8. So, there is hundreds who died and thousands who were injured today in many provinces in Egypt. These could have been zero, zilch, if these thugs were not determined to put Egypt on fire, and to sacrifice the lives of their poor followers for a failed president, who divided this country and couldn't offer his people a single project to help them survive.

    And or those who look at the news carefully, two thirds of civilian death and injury today occurred outside Cairo, and certainly outside those two camps that threatened the city and its people. One third of death and injury were also individuals in the police force, most of them were sitting in their police stations before being attacked by those "peaceful" thugs. The civilians who died or injured in Alexandria, Assiut, Sohag, Minia, Bani Suif, Fayoum, Zakazik, Ghardaga, among others, were in the streets, in the metro stations, in courts, in minstries, and certainly in and round a dozen churches that were put on fire by those so called Brothers, and their violent supporters.

    And all what we hear from those ignorants in the West and East is that we work with these thugs and include them in our future plans. Yes, we feed them and nurture them, and when they finish destroying Egypt, they will go to you in New York, London, and Berlin to destroy your own. That is where every terrorist, you label as Islamist Terrorist, grew up and trained. Elh

    1. @Elh: Don't forget... That is where every terrorist, you label as Islamist Terrorist, grew up and trained ... And, was educated.

      Enter, the disposed ex-President Morsi who was educated in the U.S..

      This isn't such a surprising event, for the latest furitive 'dispersals' of the two sit-ins were expected beforehand. Everything in the land of Egypt is preplanned; tactically-discussed, dissected and programmed by what 'Elh' has referred to as "the West and East" needless of name-dropping here.

      Prepare for the worst...


  9. I think that this analysis sums the situation up very well. Egypt is being targeted by the USA/UK/NATO alliance + Israel and Qatar. They use the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists with support from Qatar and the House of Saud, plus Qatar backed factions of Hamas. PURPOSE: Destabilize Egypt. Create emergency in Sinai and provide pretext for "Responsibility to Pretext" by NATO troops under UN banner to "secure" Suez. Free Trade Zone in "Independent Sinai" .... has all been planned for ages..

    1. I wouldn't give much attention to all these conspiracy theories from the West and East in what goes on in Egypt. Unfortunately, many Egyptians do. Egypt has enough thugs who are willing to destroy it without the help of others. Many of them use religion to justify their deadly desire to control and govern.

      What we recently discovered, however, despite all our previous research and knowledge, and often our own surprise and denial, that these people has no loyalties to our own country, and that their loyalities are primarily to their international organization which include thugs in Qatar, Turkey, Tunis, Sudan, Libya, etc., as well as in America and many European countries. These are the peopl who will form the new Caliphate that the Ikhwan organization intended from the start when it was formed in 1928, four years after the Ottomans Caliphate was dismantled. Elh.

    2. Oh Christof , I think you have no clue. If US and UK and NATO want to secure The Suez, why will they spend all this effort to destabilize Egypt and then spend all their money and manpower to secure it again, Mr. Brilliant?
      But of course we should blame every one other that ourselves for what is going on, but you forgot to include Turkey, Iran and South Africa and Muzambique in the conspiracy. Not to forget Condi Rice creative chaos, which every semi intellectual keeps repeating in the media.


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