Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mosa'ab El Shamy presents : Rabaa's second massacre in photos "Graphic"

Brave Mosa'ab El Shamy took hundred of photos from Rabaa sit-in while it was dispersed on the bloody Wednesday . They are graphic and sad.

You must know that Mosa'ab El Shamy was detained and beaten by some vigilant checkpoint outside Rabaa. They stole his camera, but he was smart enough to hide his SD card in his sock. It was the smartest thing to do because if he did not do this , all those photos would be lost.

You must know also that another Photographer called Mosa'ab El Shamy was killed in Rabaa sit-in dispersal. 


  1. May every good soul R.i.p ,

    I hate the day Morsi was president I hate the day MB was even created they are evil . God Bless Egypt

    1. Yeah as if Morsi killed those people. Whatin the hell are you talking about?

    2. If not Mursi, then who? Badee3, Shater, 3erian, The Bultagi? A dozen more thugs?

      Why don't these people die? Their wives, their children, their loved ones? Why it is always those poor ignorants who follow these
      terror groups blindly?

      Why don't they hang themselves, shoot themselves, jump from a bridge? Oh, it is that rusty sword that is hanging on that rusty flag that they love most. Elh.

    3. Poor ignorants? As opposed to the liberal murderers who love democracy only when it suits them. The army was killing these same people only a while back were they not? Now these same people support the damn army again.

  2. The photos are MB propaganda.

  3. Anon you say MB are evil so yesterday you must have been pleased those "evil" folks were being murdered and burnt!

  4. so what is it? was Mosa'ab killed or detained and beaten?

  5. All I can ask is why?

    Why was the first revolution relatively peaceful and this one so bloody and violent?
    Why were buildings burned for no reason?
    Why did so many have to die this time?

    I can only guess that Egypt wasn't quite ready for a democracy.

    1. You are right Demeur. Unfortunately very few countries are truly ready for Democracy. It must evolve. The revolution was peaceful because the good innocent secularists naively hoped for a better Egypt. Because the secularists were divided in the election, as is often the case in all budding and existing Democracies, the MB and the extremists were able to prevail and elect Morsi. Unfortunately the MB does not appreciate nor want democracy. They aim for a Theocracy and everyone will be subject to their ultra conservative religious views. I lived in Egypt during the time of Sadat and I fervently believe that Egypt would have been in a better place today if Sadat had not been murdered by an extremist. I cry for Egypt and regret that my country's leaders do not truly understand your problem. Peace!

  6. I am not going to waste a drop of tears looking at people committing group subside.

    But if Mr. Mosa'ab goes and takes photos of those Ikhwan attacking and shooting and burning hundreds of people inside ministries, churches, police stations, post offices, courts, and our lovely library in Alexandria, I will be glad to look at them. I may even keep them to remember that one day we were all under attack by some thugs who claim that they are Muslims. Elh

  7. MB propaganda this website is probably supported by MB aswell. also where are u when they go burn churches and kill policemen or you only talk about pro MB only.

  8. Allah will make those reponsible pay. For justice belongs to Him. Egyptian armyy supporrts Israel and receive bribes from U.S for that loyalty. Gaza suffers due to the satanic game of the Pharaoh army. They will continue suffering and Allah will contonue punishimg them in this world vos of what they do to Palestine.

  9. Check how the peaceful Morsy protesters have killed the police and burnt down buildings

  10. Huge difference between a propagandist slide show and known historic facts.
    Eliminate fanatics before they ,eliminate their own followers.

  11. The MB is using tactics to anger the people.
    MB started with shooting on the police and army, and they shoot on innocent civilians.

  12. If this is how the military fight people who only have fireworks, slingshots, and stones, I dread to think what they would do if some of the protesters had guns... They would probably nuke the city. Why is a belief more important than a human life? Isn't a military supposed to defend it's people? A military has no place leading a society outside of war-times because when an institution whose sole purpose is to solve problems with violence is in charge, they will always use that violence to solve domestic problems. It's common sense really.
    How can Egypt ever recover from this hell? I can't see how they can get past this without shutting down the military and that will NEVER happen.
    I wish people realized how much they DON'T need a government at all. I wish people realized that self-determination is the only rational solution. The concept of Anarchy is often demonized and ridiculed by governments and the media because Anarchy is the ONLY none-contradictory system. We have all been brainwashed into associating Anarchy with violence and chaos but this is just not true at all. Anarchy, by definition is without government rule, self-determination, real freedom. Consider your life now... You choose where you want to work, you choose your own food, the clothes you wear, the products you buy. You choose your own partner, you choose the area and place you want to live, you even choose what time you get up in the morning and what time you go to bed. Okay, so now answer this question, In any of the examples I have given you where the government has no direct influence, do we see violence or chaos? Each of these example are examples of ANARCHY in our lives because they are without any government rule by definition. So, the notion that we all resort to violence and chaos when government isn't telling us what to do is a ludicrous assumption but all governments around the world have a very good reason to demonize the concept of Anarchy. They all want to keep their power so the last thing they would ever do is encourage a system of self-determination. Government wants you to be scared of a society without government for obvious reasons, they want everyone to think they need a government. They don't want adults to realize they are capable of making their own choices and following their own moral compass because for so long now, we have all looked at government as our parent or the leader of our tribe.
    It's time to evolve and act like the ADULT you are. You DON'T need government, you don't need leaders, and most people already have parents so it's time to wake up and see the problems that governments create. It's time to be free, REALLY FREE.


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