Saturday, August 17, 2013

#Egypt After August 16 , After the battle that Nobody won

By Mosa’ab El Shamy 
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  1. That is the hand from the mb.

  2. Pretentious much?


  3. I hope it is not the hand of one those claiming to be an Islamist, opening someones chest and taking his heart out to taste it. They did that in Syria, and they were happy to show it to the rest of the world.

    This morning, I saw a report about catching one of those thugs who slaughtered 11 police officers and soldiers, in Kerdasa Police Station before cutting their throats, then mutilating them. It describes a groosum action that is hard to prescribe to as a human being.

    I saw that report in some paper called Vito, which have an editor named Esam Kamel. Unfortunately, I am beginning to believe that this paper publishes many fake stories that I don't see anywhere else. May be someone there is sitting on his bed writing fiction. If Mr. kamel, or one of his, sees this comment, he should know that he is losing a few honest and serious readers, who have many doubts about what he publishes. Elh.


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