Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#SudanRevolts : The Sudanese are doing it again “Graphic”

I am already taking some time off away from the blog and social media altogether yet I am forced to return back with all the developments taking place right now in Sudan.
For two days now protests are rocking the Sudanese cities especially in Khartoum and its surrounding suburbs. Protesters set the headquarters of the ruling party “NCP” on fire as well some police stations and checkpoints after they were attacked by security forces that did not hesitate in live ammunition.
Late Hazaa
As usual the peaceful angry protests are met with violent crack down. The latest numbers we got at 21 have been killed and hundreds have bee injured. The fatalities are caused by live ammunition fired by security forces. Updated : Numbers are jumping as eye witnesses are telling Girifana that Omdurman hospital’s morgue got at least 30 bodies while another witness told the famous political group that he saw 17 dead bodies at a police station in the area.
Not less than 1500 protesters have been arrested in the protests in the past 48 hours.
Updated @11:41 Cairo Local time :
 According to some estimation the death toll in Omdurman has become 73 at least. Some say even bigger numbers.
The students are playing role in this uprising especially in high schools and universities as far as I understand. One of the young student martyrs whose picture is shared online earlier was Hazaa Jafaar who was killed yesterday. Today the Sudanese security forces attacked his funeral by tear gas grenades." I have seen this before in Egypt , same tactics and same moves”
The protests erupted after the government’s decision to raise the fuel prices by 75%.
Now as Omar El Bashir is stupid as other dictators like Mubarak, the Sudanese regime  cut the internet off the country for several hours
The internet was cut off Sudan for 2 hours starting from 1 PM to 3 PM then it returned back for only 10 minutes then it was cut off again since then and returned back at 9:52 PM Cairo local time for short time and again it is cut !!
Here is a diagram showing how the internet is completely cut off in Sudan earlier. 
Five private TV channels were also shut down temporarily but they are back on air according to Girifna “We fed up” group. Please follow this group on Facebook to get the latest updates from Sudan. Here is its twitter account. 
Also follow those hashtags for live updates from Sudan : #SudanRevolts and #Abena “We reject"
A TV host called Salafa Abadafeera was arrested for criticizing the crackdown.The Sudanese Journalists Network announces a general strike follow the prevention of newspapers from publishing tomorrow according to journalist Ashraf Ghalay.
It is not all about the fuel prices in Sudan , this is an accumulated anger and if you remember last year the Sudanese revolted but their revolt was dispersed violently. Through the year Sudanese activists have been reporting of the human rights violations committed by Omar El Bashir’s regime against Sudanese citizens and the activists.
The fuel prices are like the last straw.
I would like to hint out that El Bashir’s regime is the worst mix of regimes ever : Religious+military regime in one shot !!
There is no enough media coverage and I think this is what El Bashir holds on keeping an iron curtain for real in Sudan. Foreign correspondents are not that free to move around with cameras , in fact I got two friends who used to work as  foreign correspondents in Sudan but were kicked out from there for doing their job.
Anyhow here is a photo gallery for the protests yesterday.

Here is also also a storify photo gallery showing the protests in the past 48 from social media. Not much though.
Now here is a video clip allegedly filmed today.
 Here is another video clip. I do not know when it was filmed but it was uploaded today before the internet cut.
Another graphic video showing a student shot down and killed by security forces.

There is no enough media coverage for what is happening in Sudan for real.
Before the internet was cut , some protests were live broadcasted shortly on Bambuser.


  1. Stay strong Sundanese brothers, from an Indigenous Muscogee, in USA

  2. It's all very sad.

  3. Please Zeinobia, don't give up, in Italy you became famous, I own a group dedicated to Egypt and Middle East and your post are the main source from Egypt! You have a big responsability in front so many readers. :-) I swear we need you.

    1. Dear It Partigiano , thank you for amazing words :)) I was just taking short holiday.

    2. Dear Zeinobia, I love your blog and I am posting every single post of yours in my Facebook group (if you want I can send you privately the address). I am happy you will keep writing, you are the best one. I send you my congratulations and from all the readers in my group. Thanks for existing Zeinobia :-)


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