Friday, November 29, 2013

And it seems the government in #Egypt got its own #Anonymous group

Hours after the arrest of Alaa Abdel Fatah from his house and the confiscation of his laptops and mobile phones , we found these strange two messages on his sister Mona Seif’s twitter account "@Monasosh".
Here is a screen shot for the account before it was suspended (Photo sources : Al Masry Al Youm , Bel Trew and Miriam Bent Omran)

  1. Tweet No.1 : Attention what will be written on Mona Seif does not represent her as her account has been hacked by Anonymous an we will announce the reasons later with all my respect !! "We will and then my respect !?
  2.  Tweet No.2 : Cyber Terrorist, 0xomar , Risk Rock , Nile Fox, Soumy Nina ,Anonymous founders 
  3. Here is Cairo dear citizens , the nation's leader will address soon !! "WTH" 
  4. Anonymous welcomes you , no for traitors or agents !! 

Anonymous welcomes you ! No for traitors and agents  
The profile and header "By Miriam"
The hackers claimed to be an Anonymous group and they had a Facebook page that does not exist anymore : Back Anonymous
Mona’s twitter account is suspended now.
Mona’s Facebook account was also hacked and is currently suspended.
Again it is interesting that all the laptops at Alaa’s house were confiscated. One can imagine that Mona once signed in from one of these laptops.Most people including me believe that
Mona is the founder of the No for Military trials Campaign in case you do not know. 
First time to know that Anonymous is working with the government against those bad activist traitors !!
The No for Military trials Facebook Page was also hacked as well from several hours ago but the campaign’s activists gained control once again on it.
Speaking about he is being investigated at Cairo Security directorate. He is facing charges of inciting unauthorized protest , assaulting a police officer during the protest and stealing a walkie-talkie !! Oh yes !! Alaa is allowed to have three lawyers including his father. His family is currently with him. He is also being detained in a CSF camp.
And I have to ask myself because I can not recall that I saw Alaa Abdel Fatah in the first place in the videos or the photos or even read that he was there , was Alaa in the protest in the first !?
BY the way I can not get access to either since morning some users in Egypt are reporting the same thing , some do not. I tried to get access to the dashboard from three different browsers after cleaning the cache as well from the iPad and still no use. My ISP is TEData and currently  I am back to use Hot Shield once again !!


  1. Someone ought to toliet train the dictatorship. It is defecating all over civilized values.

  2. That's the problem with Anonymous. Because its members by definition can't be identified pretty much anybody can claim to be acting in its name. There is no membership list or leadership that can say what the real "Anonymous" is. As a result hacks have been conducted by Anonymous against both sides of political arguments here in the US and it has also been used as a cover for common crime, like stealing credit card numbers. Literally anyone with a computer can be "Anonymous".

    It's sort of like treating all the "Anonymous" posting here as being done by one person or group. It wouldn't make much sense.

  3. Going Anonymous as well, but this is someone with dark sunglasses I guess. At least not the real Anonymous ppl. Think the easy question is: whos feet are Mona and Alaa stepping on? The answer should give itself ...


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